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A ‘Full Circle’ Approach to Healthcare Based on Tech

Pablo Utrera - DOC24
Co-Founder and CEO


Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 05/23/2022 - 14:35

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Q: How is DOC24 democratizing health access through tech?

A: Democratizing health access is the core of our business. In 2016, we observed a mindset change that led many to embrace healthier habits and approach their medical professionals for guidance. However, not everyone had equal access to health services and the possibility of accessing a quality health service was determined by a person’s place of residence and socioeconomic status. Tech has been breaking those barriers. DOC24 has developed an ecosystem of digital solutions that includes telemedicine, preventive practices and follow-up tools.

Health starts with prevention, so we developed the AI-based “Wellness Test” that measures respiratory and heart rate and blood pressure through a facial scan that then delivers an overview of the user’s overall physical health. This tool can easily reach a large audience, massify health trends and deliver tailored recommendations. Using this data, we can identify risks, concerning trends and other indicators to successfully build a prevention plan.

Q: How is DOC24 using physical space to complement its telemedicine offer?

A: DOC24’s Diagnostica is a series of telemedicine stations installed at bus stations and in malls and corporate offices, among other high-traffic public spaces. People use a QR code to access the medical devices they need for an initial screen.

For homecare, we have a solution that provides follow-up for patients already undergoing medical treatment. We use AI-medical assistants to offer personalized follow-ups depending on the patient’s medical condition. We also provide the necessary homecare devices so patients can receive precise monitoring and attention.

Through these services, we are closing the cycle of health, going from prevention to follow-up and becoming an ally to different types of health providers and companies that want to promote health. DOC24 is not just a telemedicine platform; the company is truly concerned about the patient’s well-being, especially at the early stages of treatment. We aim to seamlessly integrate our solutions into treatment to offer an integral service during the patient’s health journey.

Q: DOC24 targets different health providers. How does your solution respond to their different needs?

A: We have always worked under a B2B model with traditional health companies, including insurers, hospitals and clinics but we are also integrating B2C services. For example, we are working with a fintech company that channels its users to our services. The corporate service works intuitively in Mexico due to the composition of its health system, which is financed by medical insurance or through social security but in which many end up paying out of pocket. Our services close that gap to provide quality health services at a fair price point. DOC24 is also integrating mental healthcare and nutritionist services to improve our offer for companies. This has also increased engagement and led to promotion by word of mouth.

Q: How does the platform increase engagement?

A: The platform was developed as an intuitive solution for patients. Its products, such as the Wellness Test, provide a fun experience and promote engagement with the platform and health system by informing the patient of their health needs, leading them to look for care. Our follow-up services also retain users thanks to the use of WhatsApp, a well-established communication network. The corporate service asks partners to remain open to a monthly activity to educate users on the additional benefits of the platform, such as nutrition or mental health.

Everything changed after the pandemic, with patients and doctors increasingly adopting technology and they will not revert to the previous status quo.

Q: How does DOC24 access patient information?

A: We incorporate electronic clinical records (ECR) and medical schedules, among other tools. Our platform was created to interconnect different services to make the most out of the solutions. In the case of less mature solutions, we adapt our services to respond to the needs of that service to ensure the value of that care provision is not lost.

Q: How do you protect your data from cyberattacks?

A: We take cybersecurity very seriously. We are certificating on ISO-2701 and one of the founders of DOC24 is acquiring a Ph.D. in data security. Cybersecurity will be embedded in the company’s operations.

Q: How are you positioning your solution in the Mexican market?

A: We are just opening up the Mexican market. We just closed a contract with a hospital in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and allied with a fintech company to offer our service to its clients. We will add more customers and create more alliances with health providers and companies in the short term.

Our goal is to reach 4 million customers directly or through our partners to expand the benefits of our services and create a positive change in healthcare and preventive health.

Q: DOC24 is also a service for public health use. How has this solution performed in this area?

A: We are looking forward to establishing this service as part of Mexico’s public health system, which could greatly benefit from the preventive healthcare benefits offered by our Wellness Test and Diagnostica services. The first is the hook to reach more patients and the second is the approach to detect any health problems.


DOC24 is a digital health startup that accompanies and promotes the digital transformation of health providers, financers, insurers, public health systems, companies and other organizations.


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