Lourens Verweij
Managing Partner
Additio Investment Group & Industry Advisor
View from the Top

Funding the Future of Healthcare in Mexico

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 17:16

Q: What characteristics should a startup have for Additio Investment Group (AiG) to invest in it?
A: We pay particular attention to opportunities that are in line with our general healthcare industry expertise and where we can add direct value, mainly MedTech and Digital Health. We are especially looking at Seed and pre-A rounds of healthcare ventures that have reached, or are about to reach, certain milestones.
As AiG is a new fund, currently launching AiG1, we are in the midst of consolidating some of our previous operations and are actively building our portfolio where for the period to come we anticipate four to six transactions, all focused-on healthcare. From previous operations we are engaging in a wide range of projects, where common factors as chronical conditions, accessibility and the potential for scaling are important indicators. A needs-based solution is mostly a prerequisite, where each of them seeks to solve a specific area in the healthcare sector.
Q: What factors does AiG consider to determine the success rate of a startup in the healthcare sector and what steps can they take to increase their chances of success?
A: Naturally each investor has its own way to determine what she or he expects to succeed. Some key ingredients we define are the extremely well-articulated relevance, the healthcare industry understanding and the entrepreneurial excellence in all aspects.
In addition to the above, we see that those that have a relevant and active advisory board in the medical and industry fields and that also follow a well-designed development path that includes PoC, Clinical, PoB and other elements, tend to outshine others.
I have been inspired by the local entrepreneurial spirit and drive of building ventures. Paired with an ongoing need for innovation in the healthcare industry to ensure better access and patient wellbeing. These are strong driving factors behind the investment opportunities we see in the region.
Q: Why should startups consider AiG the ideal partner to grow its business?
A: Across the regions we also see an exciting increase in Business Angel activities and higher average VC ticket. In the case of the healthcare venture that are in our range, they are often in need of both, a larger than general BA investment and a more hands-on support from professional industry experts. AiG was created to address this exact need and therewith we are somehow a hybrid fund.
Q: How is AiG attract startups and what role does it want to play in shaping the future of healthcare?
A: At AiG we focus on a rather niche area where most of the operators and key stakeholders know each other. In addition, as industry focused fund we are actively involved in the ecosystem, working with many startups as they participate in accelerator programs, industry events and alike. This in addition with the word-of-mouth from the ventures we are working with has an even stronger positioning than digital media presence.
As a group of industry experts and investors we have a couple of key mandates. Naturally one is the healthy return of our operations, where key drivers for our Management team are much focused on the value added to the entrepreneurs we work with. Supporting the successful go to market of their innovations, the exponential venture development, and ensuring the positive impact of the portfolio ventures on the healthcare industry and its patients.