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Director General
Alternativa Médica Integral
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Future of Orthopedics Rides on Equine Bone Tissue

Tue, 01/22/2019 - 17:53

Q: What made Alternativa Médica Integral the ideal company to represent Bioteck in Mexico?
A: Alternativa Médica Integral is the only official distributor in Mexico of the Bioteck brand. Bioteck is an Italian company founded in 1995 and the leader in the production of bone grafts for neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery. We are the best partners for Biotech in Mexico because we know the market and we know how to introduce innovative products to the country. Alternativa Médica Integral has developed two flagship products, bone chips and bone matrices, which are used to fill cavitary defects resulting from excessive bone wear.
Q: In 2015, more than 340 surgeries used Bioteck bone grafts. How has penetration of this technology advanced in recent years?
A: Our plan was to grow 10 percent annually. However, thanks to our successful collaboration with ISSSTE since 2017, we have grown our participation in the public sector at an annual rate of 100 percent. Although public tenders have favored us in recent years, we are aware we must diversify our focus beyond the public sector. As a result, we estimate our real yearly growth at an average of 50 percent between the public and private sectors. Our distribution network has helped us grow our presence in Monterrey, Queretaro and Morelia on both fronts but our development overall has been driven by the public sector.
Q: How do Bioteck bone substitutes support the healing of bone defects?
A: Our client doctors say that in comparison to other products used for the same purpose, Bioteck’s solutions have better osseointegration. They are also 100 percent natural. During the 13 years that Biotek has been operating in Mexico in the oral and maxillofacial area, there have been no cases of rejection or postoperative infection. To ensure successful results, each year we take a group of doctors to Italy to see how Bioteck products are made. The company’s Zimoteck cleaning process for obtaining grafts does not use chemicals. It employs enzymes to remove inorganic contaminants and leave only the bony mining structure. This minimizes rejection and infection risks because there is no remaining biological material from the harvested animal.
Q: What are the benefits of using equine bone grafts?
A: Bioteck originally worked with porcine bone grafts but this required too many permits in Europe to allow the products to be marketed and limited the possibility to cover worldwide demand. The main limitations were related to religion and culture, so the idea of ​​using equine bone grafts arose. Northern Italy consumes a large quantity of horse meat and the bone of this animal is strong, due to its constant movement and its anatomical composition. Also, equine-derived grafts have no cultural or religious restraints, which made it possible for Bioteck to market these products in 70 countries.
Q: Who can benefit the most from using Bioteck’s grafts?
A: Our grafts are for everyone but they are most useful for patients who have a higher sensitivity and a greater probability of graft rejection. A doctor from a hospital we work with told us that he had a case of a 43-year-old patient who had damaged his vertebrae in a skiing accident. This patient tried grafts of different origins, even human, but his body rejected all of them. The doctor came to Alternativa Médica Integral because he had heard about the benefits of our products. Six months after surgery, the patient seemed to have accepted the graft and his recovery was going well.
Q: How will Bioteck’s technology impact the development of Alternativa Médica Integral?
A: Originally, bone grafts were done using the bones of the patient receiving the graft. As technology and research progressed, innovative grafting methods were developed. To this day, Bioteck is the only company in the world that can produce a graft that is clean of any type of infection, including hepatitis, using its Zimo-Teck technology. These advances have had a great impact on the Mexican healthcare sector.