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GE Healthcare: Key Supporter for the Public Sector

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 05/11/2020 - 14:52

Q: How does GE Healthcare support different health sector actors and what is the added value it brings to patients?

A: GE Healthcare has always been committed to R&D investment. We are a company with an annual turnover of US$17 billion dollars, of which over 5 percent is invested in R&D. This means more than US$1 billion dollars dedicated to generating new ideas and new ways of working. We contribute at every step, making processes at hospitals and diagnostics centers more efficient so the flow of information and workflows related to each patient run as smoothly as possible.

The industry recognizes us as an innovative company. In 2019, we were recognized by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in the development of our resonance antennas. We were awarded as a highly innovative device developer in the area of ​​magnetic resonance. We also received an award from TIME magazine in an issue where it presented the most important innovations of the year.

Q: How do your R&D investments improve your technology and your position in the market?

A: According to what we see from a general industry perspective and the Radiological Society of North America, artificial intelligence and the implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms will help doctors to make better diagnostic decisions regarding each patient. In 2018, the boom of companies that showed advances in the area of ​​artificial intelligence made a lot of noise in the industry. However, the most important thing is to land these concepts as  final products that can make a difference for patients in the moments that matter. 

In radiology, there were extremely important advances in artificial intelligence incorporated into the platforms that we commercialize today. In ultrasound, artificial intelligence already implemented in our platforms can give doctors more confidence that our information truly reflects the reality that the patient is living. Regarding our Life Care Solutions division, our investments ensure that care provided to patients is accurate so doctors can know when someone requires immediate attention.

We also have contrast agent solutions that allow working with patients who have delicate kidney situations. This allows doctors to acquire images without worsening the patient’s condition. INCan favored us in 2019 with a contract to start working with this contrast agent. For them and pediatric patients, these treatments are extremely important.

Q: What other associations or collaborations contribute to care and reach more places and more people?

A: Our work is focused on approaching the different actors that take care of patients and convincing them that our technology makes their work easier and more sustainable. We work closely with a company that offers medical tests and other services to the base of the population pyramid. Our technology facilitates access to rapid and affordable high-quality diagnoses to support the company with its social work for the health sector that helps address the deficiencies in the public health sector. In the public sector, the waiting period to get a consultation is up to six months and for some patients, that is already too late. We also work with high-level health institutes and private institutions to help them advance their research. We may not have a formal agreement with them but we support these institutions so the entire population receives quality healthcare.

This year, we won a huge contract from IMSS. Undoubtedly, the largest portfolio of health equipment at the institute comes from GE, as it handles imaging, life support, ultrasound, management and data flows in the radiology department and contrast agents, all of this backed up by the company’s support services.

Q: What role does GE Healthcare want to play in its industry?

A: Our goal is to be the No. 1 company in the market, which requires commitment to each of the actors in the healthcare sector. We maintain an open design platform so more companies can develop applications that can be used with any imaging equipment. Our platform is called Edison and we hope that in the future it will allow us to offer a number of specific applications to generate software that allows doctors to get more from using the hardware.

We also work to make sure that the equipment used in each surgery guarantees the patient's life and maximizes the time used with the least possible damage. Furthermore, our equipment is supported by software tools that continuously analyze what happens in the operating room and in intensive therapy to improve processes from beginning to end.


GE Healthcare is an American multinational conglomerate dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of diagnostic imaging agents and radiopharmaceuticals for medical imaging procedures

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