Alonzo Autrey
Managing Director
DVA Mexicana
View from the Top

Generics Greenfield For Strong National Production

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 13:50

Q: What is DVA Mexicana’s greatest contribution to the Mexican pharmaceutical industry?
A: We supply raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry that range from active ingredients to excipients and medicine coatings. The latter are produced in a special plant recently approved by COFEPRIS, which sets us apart from our competitors. We are a company with a broad portfolio that responds to patients’ needs and can adapt its solutions in terms of quantity, color and conditions of use.
We also participate in other chemical-based industries and in the food sector. Our approach to all our operations is the same and we sometimes manufacture products for several industries at the same facility. Therefore, these uphold the same standards stipulated by our company and by regulators like COFEPRIS.
Q: How relevant are best practices and quality standards in Mexico’s pharmaceutical industry?
A: When companies have good business practices that are internationally recognized, it does not matter where they produce. A company with strict standards will introduce those to every country where it establishes operations. Some of our clients say they find COFEPRIS very strict in its audits and inspections and in some cases, companies have had to pause production for six to 12 months. This is a challenge for every company looking to enter this sector in Mexico.
Q: What has made Mexico such an attractive destination for generics manufacturers?
A: The reason is that design and development of generic medications can take place in Mexico. Meanwhile, most international companies that produce patented products do so in their home country. Because of their significant participation in the market, generics manufacturers have also been noticed by the current government, which is highly interested in strengthening pharmaceutical production at a national level.
Many generics laboratories come to us to work on new projects, create new formulas and register new products in the market. New products are constantly being launched, which has generated healthy competition and provides a strong opportunity for our company. Each year we work on more than 100 new developments with generics clients.
Q: What are your short-term goals and what will be Mexico’s role in your development strategy?
A: We have a strong research team that is always looking to develop new solutions that can open new opportunities with potential clients. Currently, we have a patent planned for production at our plant in Mexico. Our intention is to work with our clients to develop medicine at a good price and we hope to start exporting to the US by 2021.