Alex Espinoza
Managing Director

Generics Still Face Resistance from Doctors

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 13:05

Laboratorios AMSA is the generics arm of Laboratorios PiSA, one of the largest Mexican pharmaceutical companies. Its main therapeutic areas are hydration, dermatology, diabetes, cardiovascular, obesity and weight control, pain, fever and inflammation. A particular area of success the company has found is in its antibiotics line.

“AMSA probably has the third-largest sales volume of antibiotics in the country. However, today we have many products for cardiology. These two types of products have something in common: they are generics. This is AMSA’s most important business,” says Alexis Espinoza, Managing Director of AMSA Laboratories.

The company aims to provide affordable medicines to Mexican patients through retailers, distributors and a range of pharmacies.

Espinoza says that although patients have begun to recognize the quality of generic medicines, challenges remain. “One challenge is the resistance to change by prescribing doctors. They cling to patented medicines as a means of identification and forget the patient’s budget, which is what determines their decision to find more affordable medicines,” he says. Present nationwide, the company’s goal is to increase its sales volume and to continue a steady pace of organic growth.