Thu, 09/19/2019 - 11:45

In July 2015, former President Enrique Peña Nieto announced the creation of the Naval University, which aimed to efficiently regulate and coordinate in a single organization all graduate and technical schools and training centers managed by the Navy. Getinge was one of the partners selected to collaborate in making this project a reality.
Getinge is a global provider of innovative solutions for operating rooms, intensive care units, sterilization departments and life science companies and institutions. Based on its firsthand experience and close partnerships with clinical experts, healthcare professionals and medical technology specialists, the company strives to improve people’s lives.
With more than 110 years of experience manufacturing medical equipment and medical devices, Getinge has developed technology and new ways to provide better care for patients and help healthcare professionals in their daily work. The company integrates passion and technology to improve efficiency and focus on what is important: the patients.
Changing from mock to functional machines was one of the improvements that helped make the Naval University project such a success. At the Naval University’s Health Sciences Center (CENCIS), students are able to develop the skills they need to comply with medical standards and experience real-life work, whether they are studying to become a nurse, a surgeon or any other clinical profession. Among other equipment, Getinge provided steam sterilizers for five different sterilization areas, along with automated washer disinfectors, surgical lights, ventilators and operating tables.