Patricio González
Director General
View from the Top

Growth Focused on Patients, Treatment Quality

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 09:50

Q: How has Hospitaria advanced in obtaining its ISO certification and improving its imaging capabilities?
A: We have been working on a unique quality model to comply with ISO standards. Most hospitals tend to follow the General Health Council model and do not focus on ISO matters. In our case, more than obtaining the ISO certification, we are interested in implementing the organization’s methodology. We have already mapped out all the hospital’s processes. It was a really big challenge but it allowed us to have knowledge and control of all operations, following a standard methodology. This also means the hospital cannot implement different processes for existing procedures, unless they are for a new service or involve a completely new task. This focus on processes complements nicely the General Health Council’s approach, since it puts patient safety at the forefront. The General Health Council has international best practices but ISO incorporates more, forcing us to adopt them and go beyond the standard.
Regarding the hospital’s imaging capabilities, we have improved our CT scan and resonance capabilities. We acquired a 1.5T MRI scanner that offers really good clarity. Our CT scanner was replaced by a 128-slice model, which puts us among the clinics with the best CT scan capabilities in the country. The 128-slice CT scanner offers top-notch quality, good imaging, less radiation and is effective for making a diagnosis. Doctors have noticed the improvement and they have started recommending Hospitaria to more patients.