Geraldine Waked
Director General
View from the Top

Harnessing the Power of Liposomes

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 12:09

Q: What were your initial goals upon joining Sesderma and what have you achieved to date?

A: When I was appointed as Director General, I pledged to strengthen Sesderma’s participation in the Mexican market by enhancing the benefits, technology, and efficacy of our products, as well as building a team committed to the corporate mission, vision, and values. In order to penetrate the local market, consolidation of our relationship with physicians was crucial, since we have a common goal of providing patients with effective skincare solutions. Dr. Gabriel Serrano, Sesderma’s owner, recruited me due to my 16 years’ experience launching brands to the Latin American retail market. Our strategy has focused on creating brand loyalty by listening to the demands of the Mexican market and today, we are one of the most recognized brands in Mexico among physicians and final users, and our participation has become stronger with a team that consists of committed representatives that truly believe in the brand they represent.

Q: What is Sesderma’s competitive advantage in Mexico’s crowded health and beauty market?

A: Our main strength relies on our comprehensive catalogue of innovative products, but the best way to compete is by offering products with the highest quality in the market and to continue investing in R&D. We offer clinically proven formulas incorporating nanotechnology, which guarantee effective results within a short timeframe due to the enhanced skin penetration of liposomes containing active ingredients. This results in people who use or prescribe our products trusting the brand and it generates loyalty in physicians who witness our products’ efficacy on a daily basis and act as a communication channel between patients and ourselves. Their input is therefore invaluable to us because it helps us understand the market and develop quality products that can be marketed at a fair price.

Q: What are your main distribution channels and current product lines?

A: Our two main distribution channels are physicians and pharmacies. We have a line called Mediderma for exclusive professional use and provided only to physicians. Pharmacies, on the other hand, distribute Sesderma products at a national level, within both health and beauty divisions. Health comprises products for pathologies, while beauty consists of hygiene, antioxidants, depigmentation products, capillary products, anti-aging, and we are introducing a new genital rejuvenation line. The complete Sesderma catalogue contains 500 products sold in Spain, of which 220 are available in Mexico today, whereas Mediderma has 102 products in Mexico. We are unique in terms of innovation, reflected in our “listening to people’s skin” slogan and the groundbreaking work carried out by our R&D department in developing products demanded by the market. For instance, we have entered the genocosmetics market with DNArepairing products putting us at the forefront of cosmetics innovation by meeting specific customer requirements.

Q: What are your plans for consolidating and expanding your presence in Mexico?

A: We must align with the corporate strategy and consolidate last year’s work. We will continue working collaboratively with physicians and focusing on the retail market to increase accessibility to final users and effectively provide beneficial products to the public. We want to become physicians’ preferred option when it comes to exclusive professional products based on efficacy and quality. Finally, we are planning to incorporate integral medical visits, which begin with distribution channels and end in at-home treatment.