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A Healthcare Mindset Shift: Why Is Digital Transition Important?

By Luiz Reis - Bionexo Latam
Growth Director


By Luiz Reis | growth Director - Tue, 03/22/2022 - 17:00

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The digital transition has been the favorite concept in business meetings around the world in the last two years. While it is true that it was important before, the pandemic shook the entire economic structure and companies were forced to move through the new corporate digital world more quickly.

The health sector was no exception. In fact, it has been one of the most relevant actors during this time. This industry had to adapt its way of working perhaps faster than any other, since it needed to provide medical service to a large number of users that grew like a snowball every week.

Medical institutions had to adapt by using the best technology available, from medical procedures to the adoption of best management practices to prepare for the coming crisis, precise control of the stock of supplies and business intelligence to find suppliers more effectively through a marketplace.

The revolution that we experienced in just a few weeks to adapt our systems and way of working had one of the most important impacts in business terms: a change in the mindset of people who experienced the relevance and benefits of technology.

The Cloud Advantage

In recent months, events occurred in a way that made us reflect on the advantages of going digital, with many examples produced in different areas of the industry to help generate more efficient processes.

One of these examples was the benefit of data storage through the cloud. Now companies are betting on moving their structures to this space, storing and accessing data and programs through the internet at any time and place.

This digital transformation has been implemented in the health sector, allowing public and private institutions to avoid unnecessary expenses such as purchasing servers that take up physical space, manual connections and cables, among other infrastructure items.

Technology as an Ally

The benefits for administration and management are another important example of how necessary the digital transition is. Providing good service has always been a goal but now it has to be different. It is time to think about a customer-focused strategy, offering quality service to people who come to a hospital, with expectations of high standards of care.

Nowadays, institutions must offer high-quality services, avoiding a bad experience for clients due to a lack of supplies, medicines or inefficient administrative performance. There is no excuse now for not providing a good service when we have digital solutions available.

Avoiding Shortages

Digital platforms now provide a direct connection between buyers and suppliers in a virtual ecosystem that helps e-commerce and the efficient supply of the sector through security in the cloud, guaranteeing the protection of sensitive information that must be safeguarded with confidentiality agreements.

These digital platforms are a clear example of technological transformation of companies in the health sector, thinking about how to improve customer-centric service while implementing layers of security in which information can travel from point A to point B, encrypted by the services of Amazon and meeting all compliance requirements.

The health sector, like others, is developing more robust technological alliances, as it considers innovation and the prompt reaction to possible contingencies. This is how the digital transition proposes not only a change of process management but also a change of mentality to make optimal use of the technologies that have been improving the quality of management in companies and, therefore, satisfaction among its end users: patients.

We are facing a new stage of the pandemic. To move forward as an industry, it is necessary to open our minds to the options that the digital world offers. The best practices from recent months will be key to facing the challenges of the months to come, with the advantage that the tools are at hand. This time, there are no excuses.

Photo by:   Luiz Reis

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