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Healthia: a Meeting Point to Highlight Pandemic Lessons

By Miriam Bello | Thu, 11/12/2020 - 16:10

Q: What are the main themes Healthia Medical Sport LATAM will address and how were these topics selected?

A: The congress aims to incorporate all the new knowledge that has emerged from the pandemic. We want to generate synergies between everyone in the industry to allow our journey during the pandemic to be more bearable, less lethal and with a lesser impact on family, society and the economy. One of the effects of the crisis is that learning has accelerated through trial and error, practice and ingenuity with the sole aim of saving as many lives as possible. 

Before the pandemic, there was already a breakthrough in smart cities. However, this situation accelerated the process and now people have had to work from home and communicate remotely with family, friends and clients. In the same way, doctors have had to embrace these practices with patients who do not want to go to hospitals. Doctors from all branches have been forced to use technological tools to exchange ideas, treatments and experiences with people from all over the world. Specialties like biomedicine and biotechnology, which we will be addressing at the congress, have been boosted as a result. In recent months, we have seen advances in practices such as the digitization of X-rays and digital clinical records to provide treatment at a distance. Today, the most relevant step is the incorporation of new technologies such as the 5G network, which has abruptly entered our lives and allowed us to provide comfort to patients and their families. 

Q: How will the event gather trusted technology providers that promise to revolutionize the practices of the sector and improve patient care?

A: We have focused on what is at the forefront of universities and research centers from institutions like UNAM and Tecnológico de Monterrey. They have supported us in our speaker selection since they have relationships with these companies. 

Q: How do different medical associations participate in Healthia Medical Sport LATAM?

A: Some associations are already participating as speakers at the congress. They will present their experience and will bring together all the people affiliated to their groups. This will allow the network to grow so that more people can attend. The goal is for all people to learn by listening to different points of view. Likewise, we have the participation of other countries and regional institutions. This is because almost all medical institutions are affiliated to a local, national or regional association. For example, we are affiliated to the Latin American Council.  

We are used to living in an ecosystem where there is a collaboration between industry players. In this sector, there is a great deal of solidarity and mutual support because ongoing medical education must be the standard. Now, more than ever, we have to rely on technology to create communities. 

Q: What impact do you expect the congress will have?

A: Most people have been left with one lesson and that is humility. We do not know everything even though we have many specialties. Let us hope that the measures that have been implemented in countries such as Korea, Japan and Vietnam will be taken as references. People should be more proactive in taking care of their health to avoid tragic outcomes.


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Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Journalist and Industry Analyst