Healthier Lives Linked to Close Relationships, Love
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Healthier Lives Linked to Close Relationships, Love

Photo by:   Renate Venaga
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/16/2023 - 10:01

Studies reveal that experiencing love as well close personal relationships can benefit the overall physical and psychological well-being of individuals. The Mexican government banned the use of trans fats in industrial products aiming to tackle one of the causes of obesity and heart diseases. 


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Close Relationships, Love and Friendships Lead to Healthier Lives

Love can benefit the overall well-being of individuals as psychological and physical health are strongly related to healthy social relationships. Scientific evidence has backed that being in love and having friends is essential to maintain and improving health. Loneliness, on the other hand, affects well-being and can increase the risk of heart attacks. 


Mexico Removes Deadline for Ban on GM Corn

Mexico has removed the deadline to effectively ban genetically modified (GM) corn for animal feed and industrial use, which had been set for January 2024, according to the Ministry of Economy. The decision follows trade tensions with the US. 


Condom Use Increases Among Younger Generations

The Ministry of Health invited Mexico’s sexually active population to use condoms to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections (STI) and prevent unplanned pregnancies. To promote its use, CENSIDA delivered over 29 million condoms to the Mexican population in 2022. 


Lithium Nationalization Could Lead to Medical Lithium Shortage

The recent lithium nationalization and the launch of the Sonora Plan have put lithium and its potential for energy storage at the center of the public debate. However, the pharmaceutical sector is worried that lithium nationalization is diminishing the supply of lithium carbonate, a raw material used to treat mental illnesses. 


Mexico Bans Trans Fats in Food, Beverages

Mexico has taken a major step in the fight against non-communicable diseases thanks to a bill that prohibits adding partially hydrogenated oils, commonly known as trans fats, to food and nonalcoholic beverages. Studies suggest that trans fats cause nearly 20,000 preventable deaths each year in Mexico, making it one of the most significant dietary risk factors for cardiovascular disease, according to the Government of Mexico.


ISSSTE to Build Family Clinic in Baja California Sur

The Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) will build a clinic for family medicine and specialties in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. The clinic, which is expected to open in 1Q24, will also have an operating room, 21 offices and 20 beds to provide healthcare to 40,000 beneficiaries.

Photo by:   Renate Venaga

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