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Hospital Saturation Still a Risk

By Ricardo Guzman | Sat, 04/25/2020 - 21:22

Health system capacity has been doubled thanks to the collaboration of the private sector, however if the number of infections increases then there is still the risk that hospitals will become saturated, Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell said in today’s special daily briefing.

“We need everyone's commitment and responsibility, collectively and individually,” he said and called on the population to be patient during the lock down period as there is no other route to blunt the deadliness of the virus. “This is a new virus that started in 2020. There is no useful treatment yet,” he warned. Over 1,305 total deaths and 13,842 positive cases were reported today.


As of Saturday, April 25

970         new cases (from yesterday)

13,842   confirmed cases nationwide

8,239     under investigation

1,305     deaths


Support for higher income sector

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced 10 measures to support the higher income sector, which represents 30 percent of the population, during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are going to guarantee a peace of mind, well-being, and even the opportunity for the 30 percent on top, the middle and upper classes and the big corporations to make businesses,” he said in a video message. The president stated that the funneling of funds to the poorest, the remaining 70 percent, has already begun. Among the 10 measures that will support higher income sector that he listed are: reducing government spending, guaranteeing freedom, creating a rule of law, no increases on taxes or fuels, low interest rates and public works investment. The president also said that the USMCA trade treaty will help the recover effort.  “With the treaty and with the actions that we are carrying out to support the family economy, we are going to stop the economy’s fall,” he said.


La Raza Hospital close to saturation

La Raza Hospital is very close to reaching a saturation point due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, IMSS head Zoé Robledo has reported. The official explained that the situation is reported daily on a monitor system implemented in all IMSS units. “A decision-making platform to have a better distribution,” he said. Robledo said so far 1,200 social security workers tested positive for the virus, among them doctors, nurses and administrative staff of a total 70,000 employees.


Grants for licensed transportation

Mexico City Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum reported 3,532 positive cases in Mexico City, of which 1,556 patients are hospitalized and 620 intubated. The death toll for Mexico’s capital city rose to 297 according to the latest report. During today´s briefing Sheinbaum announced a support program for the licensed transportation drivers of between MX$4,000 and MX$6,000 per month, for five months, to be be granted to route vehicles. Financial institutions such as Autofin, Santander and Mercader agreed to postpone the payment of credits for public transport units, Sheinbaum said.


Hotels support doctors

Rooms offered by hotels at no cost are being used by doctors, Mexico City Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum has reported. “1,200 hotel rooms have been occupied by medical personnel,” she said. Medical staff using the facilities include doctors who have decided to stay closer to the hospitals they are working at or to prevent infections in their own homes.

Ricardo Guzman Ricardo Guzman Editor