How Can the Supply Chain Work to Ensure Product in Integrity?

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 10:40

A medication’s integrity must be guaranteed to ensure its safety and effectiveness. However, drugs can be highly sensitive to adverse weather conditions, which need to be controlled throughout the entire supply chain. Moreover, Mexico faces a major problem in the form of road safety that puts all types of cargo at risk of theft. Mexico Health Review spoke with manufacturers and distributors to analyze the best strategies to ensure a product’s safety from the moment it leaves the plant to the moment it arrives in the hands of the patient.

Aldo López

Aldo López

the Mexican Association of Logistic Operators (AOLM)

We work with the Mexican government to generate better regulations, infrastructure and road safety. The use of redistribution centers in large cities such as Monterrey and Guadalajara has also helped to facilitate the adequate transport of medicines under cold chain conditions, especially for long distances. Safety is one of the main challenges facede by 3PL operators, as many roads are unsafe and some drivers simply refuse to travel or deliver products in certain areas, for instance in Michoacan and areas around Mexico City’s International Airport. Ensuring safety on roads is especially important for the pharmaceutical sector, as these products can cost millions and can be a danger to public health.

José Mora

José Mora

CEO and Co-Founder
Farmalisto Mexico and Colombia

E-commerce is the point of connection between the needs of pharmacies and patients. Farmalisto takes the relationship to another level and knows to whom the medication was sold, its treatment and the additional services it requires. The information can be used so that the medications are beneficial for the patient’s health. Therefore, e-commerce services can serve to provide value at all points along the medicine value chain until the drugs reach the patient’s hands and even after that.

Sergio Naveda

Sergio Naved

Grupo ACF

Mexico needs to increase its investment in technological development to strengthen products manufactured in Mexico. It is also necessary to invest in the development of suppliers since the integrity of the productive chain must be strengthened. Additionally, we believe that our government should change its structure to support Mexican companies. There should be more support in technological investment, export, financial support and incentives for Mexican companies to grow.