How Can Telemedicine Boost Productivity?
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How Can Telemedicine Boost Productivity?

Photo by:   LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash
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Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 11/26/2021 - 11:00

Telemedicine’s primary benefits reflect directly on patients and providers but it can also boost productivity for companies and independent workers.

There are numerous benefits of using a telemedicine platform, Javier CardonaCo-Founder and CEO, 1DOC3, told MBN: “For most, it reduces the amount of time spent talking to a doctor and provides instant access to care.” Due to the pandemic, many discovered that telemedicine is a safe option to access health services. Companies also started to welcome telemedicine and are increasingly open to offer this solution to customers and employees.

Traditionally, health provision from companies to employees comes through an insurance policy and the services provided by IMSS or ISSSTE, in the case of formal employment. In larger companies, this provision is often complemented with an on-site clinic. Limited infrastructure forbids smaller companies from providing that type of service. Telemedicine can fill those gaps and offer employees medical care without a fulltime doctor present.

For employers, benefits include cutting increasingly rising health insurance costs as virtual appointments generally cost less than comparable in-office services, explains Benefits Pro. “These savings help insurers keep premiums affordable for employers and employees, lowering both parties’ premium payments.” 

Fewer in-office visits also result in reduced health-related absenteeism and a generally healthier workforce with increased productivity. These services might be easier to incorporate than ever since millennials now comprise the largest percentage of today’s workforce and are more likely to adopt new technology, making them prime candidates for telehealth visits, adds Benefits Pro. For employers, this means more productivity and less costs in healthcare. A study by Lumeca found telemedicine is a system that prevents illness and encourages a healthy mental state, making your employees more productive and efficient.

Telemedicine’s availability allows employees to schedule an appointment whenever they need to, so they will be less likely to schedule them during work hours, according to a survey by Connect with Care. Thus, reducing workplace absenteeism.

The same survey found that the most common diagnoses included sinusitis, cold, flu, pertussis and bladder infection/urinary tract infection, which can be efficiently diagnosed and treated at a distance. The vendors surveyed “reported that they were able to resolve a patient’s issues during the telemedicine visits approximately 83 percent of the time.” Of the 83 percent, 60 percent required a prescription.

Photo by:   LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

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