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Imaging Interpretation Without Borders

By Miriam Bello | Tue, 03/31/2020 - 14:55

Q: What niche did Nubix identify in the Mexican market?

AR: Nubix was born from a shortage of radiologists, who are normally concentrated in the country’s largest cities while small cities are completely neglected. Through Nubix, a digital platform, it is possible for healthcare institutions to request a radiologist for a test interpretation regardless of geographic barriers, while also eliminating wait times.

Q: Why did Nubix decide to focus on radiologists?

AJ: The work of the radiologist in healthcare is very important and even fundamental. However, their involvement is often not well-recognized. Radiologists are linked to many other specialists through tomographies, mammographies or any other test needed to assess the patient’s condition and to assign the appropriate treatment. There can be no treatment without diagnosis, which is why radiologists are so important.

Q: How do doctors interact with Nubix and what benefits do they get from these exchanges?

AJ: Doctors who have approached us have pointed out that we are a very attractive startup because of the growth opportunity we offer and because, through us, they can reach the remote locations that large companies have not been able to reach. Taking advantage of these conditions, we have created and developed a new market. Recently, we started operations with a client in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, who told us that there are no radiologists in the city. His tests have been delayed since December 2019. Nubix has supported this new client by eliminating delays. It now carries out between five to six tests daily.

Q: How have your hospital operations grown since Nubix’s inception three years ago?

AR: Our first client was the state of Puebla that needed support in managing its surplus of mammograms. In our second year, we extended our services to medium and small hospitals, since large groups already had a radiology department. Today, we are mainly turning our attention to remote laboratories and small hospitals that can benefit from our technology. We are certain that teleradiology innovations like Nubix are going to be the solution that removes barriers to healthcare access in the future.

Q: What are the main benefits for hospitals from using Nubix?

AR: Most of the technological and innovative solutions offered in the market are designed for large hospitals and laboratories or are simply not intended for the Latin American market. Nubix is a simple, yet innovative technology designed for the Mexican and Latin American markets as it makes the fragmented health system in Mexico more effective and interconnected. Nubix is designed to work in highly fragmented health systems because it enables better and greater connections with those patients who are far away and in greatest need. In addition, Nubix’s costs are flexible: we can cover the needs and budgets of a laboratory or hospital in the center of Mexico City and those of a laboratory in the Oaxaca mountain range.

Q: How does Nubix verify the quality of radiologists in its network?

AJ: All our radiologists are certified by the Medical Council of Radiology and in turn have technical support from the best radiologists in the country. In this way, we ensure that our radiologists are certified and updated.

Q: What other services could improve Nubix’s offering?

AR: Despite the small number of radiologists in Mexico, we can, through Nubix, maximize the diagnostics capacity of existing professionals and cover places that were previously inaccessible due to their geographical location. We can even help large hospital groups with their expansion processes. If a hospital group is looking to expand to other locations and cannot find or take a team of health professionals there, Nubix can bring their technology where it is needed.

Q: What short-term plans do you have for Nubix?

AJ: In two years, we hope to cover the entire country. In two more years, we want to reach markets outside Mexico and establish a presence in Latin America. We believe that Nubix has growth potential and that other Latin American markets share needs with the Mexican market, so Nubix can grow significantly in those markets.

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