Rodolfo Camargo
Commercial Manager
El Crisol
View from the Top

Improving Access Through Distribution

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 10:59

Q: Why do companies choose El Crisol instead of other national and international distributors?

A: Our main product line is electrochemicals used in the analysis of any type of liquids, from water to creams. The second are those for liquid handling commonly used in laboratories, such as pipettes and micropipettes, followed by heating systems, including ovens and hot plates. We serve 31 different sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food products, water treatment, mining, oil and gas, research, chemicals and veterinary products and we have almost 30,000 clients. We are also the only company in Latin America that has a product catalogue in Spanish, which introduces over 13,000 products from over 220 brands from all over the world. Manufacturers, especially those engaged in medicines, must follow strict rules related to where they can buy their equipment from. While some import from Europe, others request specifically from the US. We work with 95 percent of the COFEPRIS-approved pharmaceutical companies in Mexico.

El Crisol’s main advantage is that we carry most of our products in stock. Other companies may have more products, but they are not based in Mexico so they must order from abroad. Sometimes, the lack of a single product can stop production for weeks, so it is necessary to replace it as soon as possible. Our main challenge is to properly manage this and, at the same time, to follow the strict traceability rules imposed by the pharmaceutical industry. While our products may be more expensive, clients can find what they want and receive it immediately. Furthermore, we are direct distributors of several of the most important brands in reactants, equipment and other supplies.

Q: How does El Crisol react to market changes and trends to ensure its clients are getting the most up-todate service?

A: In 2014, we diversified our portfolio of products to reflect changes in the market. Our goal is for the market to see us as more than a distributor of laboratory supplies because our product offering is more diverse and includes specific lines developed for many areas of research, including cell management and biotechnology. To that end, in 2018 we have increased our attendance at fairs, including those specializing in genetics, oncology and immunology, among many others.

Q: What areas does El Crisol believe will grow the most in the coming years?

A: At this point, no single market represents more than 10 percent of our sales, but the pharmaceutical segment is one of the strongest, along with food, academic research, water treatment, oil and gas and mining. Of all the sectors we manage, academic research will grow the most since the country has significant potential for it. Most of the research is funded by the federal government, which has created many delays and complications related to payments. In addition, administrative changes in the government and at COFEPRIS could stop investment and payments in the near future. However, the private sector is increasingly financing Mexican research. The country has many talented research professionals and the industry has seen this talent and the financial opportunities of investing in it.

Q: What are El Crisol’s growth expectations in the short-term?

A: It is hard to estimate an exact growth rate due to inflation and the volatility of the exchange rate. Our goal is to consolidate the changes we have made in recent years, maintain our leadership in the Mexican market and ensure that our workers participate more and more in our operations. We want to continue to develop our people and increase our workforce. We have implemented a fiveyear plan that defines our goals for the export market, new products, diversification of our portfolio, opening more branches, hiring more sales agents and further development of the e-commerce platform. We also support many congresses and other activities organized by universities to introduce scientific topics to the population.