Fernando Oliveros
Vice President and General Manager
Medtronic Mexico
View from the Top

Improving Patient-Care Model With Tech

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 16:47

Q: Beyond the well-being of the patient and caregiver, what potential do you see to transform healthcare in Mexico?

A: Medtronic is a leader in the development of medical devices focused on diabetes, cardiovascular health and obesity. We have four approaches to the concept of access to healthcare. The first is the training of health workers in Mexico, because there is a large gap in the availability of human resources in the sector. The country also needs to improve its technological infrastructure because there are very few health institutes with high-end technology and coverage of various medical conditions. Also, the health sector requires a new financing model that allows growth in coverage, access and quality of health services. These three elements must be accompanied by an efficient operating model.

Q: What makes Medtronic’s solution for treating diabetes unique?

A: We know that Mexico has one of the lowest levels of diabetes control in the world but through our technology we can improve the treatment of this disease. Our solutions include an insulin-pump and glucose monitoring technologies for diabetes type I and II and we are looking for a way to connect these products with other solutions to provide greater quality of life for the patient. We can even join our technologies with others to create a project that provides a complete impact on the patient’s quality of life.