Information Database a Key Differentiator for Logistic Providers
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Information Database a Key Differentiator for Logistic Providers

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Alesio Bereciartu - OCASA
Commercial Director of the Healthcare Business Unit Latin America


Q: What is OCASA looking forward to implementing in its services?

A: To date, real time information for logistic services is one of most requested added values from our clients. Reliable and accurate information for our shipments of medications and recollection of biological samples are critical for the healthcare logistics sector. We must provide the correct transit time, a controlled temperature through the entire supply chain and offer specific process in order to guarantee the most challenging requirements from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The traditional logistics have become a commodity, but the accurate real time information we can offer is what differentiate us. The efficiency of information and its effective use by companies is outstanding in the logistics sector. OCASA integrated that into its services. Traceability makes the difference for our clients and for our company.

Our challenge is adding to our offer a first-class service in terms of quality and information technology, with best cost and benefit rate. OCASA brings to the Latin American market the service of excellence we provide in the US and Europe with an adjusted price to this market.

Q: What are the key technologies that OCASA will be adding to its services?

A: Real time information for traceability and a dedicated and trained staff to obtain results that guarantee quality of service. We have a 30-year experience working with all Latin American countries and we know that traceability on a larger scale increases the complexity of the service, so we apply our know-how to logistical services and we adjust it depending on the country. For instance, Mexico’s geography is very complex and reaching every corner of the country with state-of-the-art technology is a challenge. There are many small cities that require more time and attention and even more training for our staff.

Q: What is the difference between working internationally and locally?

A: I would separate our services between what we do on what we call central countries, such as USA, Europe, and what we do in Latin- America or India.

Clearly, central countries have harmonized regulations and are very organized and predictable, however, in general terms, the countries we work with are less structured internally and have no harmonized regulations between them. This way, we have to be very alert regarding regulations, changes and restrictions we might face.

Q: What are OCASA’s strengths in Mexico?

A: OCASA is an international top logistic provider for the healthcare sector with a distinctive and strong local know-how, which allows us to offer a matchless proposal of services with a solid knowledge of Mexican context.  

Q: What makes you the top choice for CROs?

A: OCASA knows what the market expects from a healthcare logistic provider mainly because our key staff comes from CROs and international pharmaceutical companies. We understand their critical times, processes, dynamics between sponsors, hospitals, research sites, local authorities, custom authorities, etc., because we work with all of them in different stages of a clinical trial.

 In the clinical research field, there is no room for errors. Our prices are very competitive in the Latin-American market and our services comply with the highest standards.

Q: How can OCASA contribute to the government’s plan to increase access to medicine and healthcare services?

A: With the pandemic context, we implemented special services for the clinical research area where we deliver medications to patient’s home and we also collect samples from patient’s home. These services are called Direct to patient and Direct from patient services (DTP/DFP). The goal it is to reduce the exposure of the patients going to the hospital and to minimize the workload of hospitals by decreasing the number of patients looking for attention. This is an example of our Patient Centric Approach.

Moreover, our contribution reflects through competitive prices and coverage. Having a single distributor for the entire country is indeed better for control and efficiency because you do not need to have one for every region of the country or for every state.

We have vast coverage and our cold chain and temperature control is very well-monitored, with a clear registration and proof of the process so clients can be confident that the product is safe to use and in good condition. The database we generate with the information is also statistically valuable as it shows patterns, stability, growth or losses. It also helps clients detect common problems or tendencies that they can address.

Q: As a logistics company, how has COVID-19 impacted your business?

A: In many countries, OCASA was considered an essential business due to its portfolio of healthcare services and therefore, we continued working without interruptions. The company has been adjusting to this context proactively to anticipate challenges along the way. First, from a safety perspective, we have followed all recommendations and guidelines issued by WHO and local authorities in every country. OCASA implemented several actions to prevent and take care of its staff to avoid contagion and, in case of a positive COVID-19 case, we followed all sanitary protocols defined at each country.

From a commercial and operational perspective, we needed to adjust to an important increase on demand for special services in a context of lockdowns, boarder closures and flight limitations in many countries.

Q: What challenges has the pandemic brought to the company and how has OCASA overcome them?

A: I think the pandemic triggered a serious alarm among companies, OCASA included, to see how prepared we were to adapt quickly to a totally new and very dynamic scenario. I really think OCASA was able to cope with this situation. By focusing on the well-being of our associates, we knew we would be in a better position to solve and deal with the coming challenges.


OCASA is an Argentinian company with more than 35 years of experience in the market. It is present in the US, Europe, India and Latin America. The company provides solutions for e-commerce and general logistics. In the healthcare sector, it specializes in clinical research for the pharmaceutical industry

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