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Information Providers Key to Strengthening Local Industry

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 10:25

Q: What lessons has Smart Scale learned from the digitalization process in the Mexican health sector?

A: When I started in this business, I had to hire computer companies to digitalize services. Now, everything is instantaneous, digital and fast. Technology has turned processes into solutions that generate greater accessibility. The immediacy of the information we handle has helped to improve the time and quality of our reports. Now we can measure our information in real time and we are one of the few companies that have instant access to information.

The quality of the service we offer is a great differentiator for us. Our service is comprehensive and inclusive and we serve all clients with the same dedication, never differentiating between small and large clients.

Q: What actions is Smart Scale taking in Mexico to improve data collection?

A: Smart Scale has the logistical strength to gather information and to know the exact geolocation of each pharmacy. In addition, through open information platforms such as INEGI, we can create cross-sectional analyses to provide detailed reports. Smart Scale can provide a complete profile of customer demands, consumer behavior and what pharmacies, hospitals and doctors’ offices are nearby in order to care for patients. If the client has access to other databases, we can tailor the report with greater personalized detail.

We have alliances with several companies; some seek services to improve their commercialization while others want more general information. We also collaborate with business intelligence companies that need to increase their salesforce and with companies that manage databases but do not know how to cross the information to generate analysis. Our experience in the sector gives us the ability and knowledge to work on different solutions for our clients. In addition, we are very aware of the sensitivity of the information and Smart Scale always seeks to ensure security and anonymity.

Q: How can doctors benefit from Smart Scale’s services?

A: Smart Scale protects the interests and information of doctors through technological intelligence and then works with multichannel and direct mail approaches such as laboratories, pharmacies and other parts of the value chain. If they do not wish to continue participating with us, then we unsubscribe them from the system.

Q: What trends has Smart Scale observed in the Mexican health sector through the collection of information?

A: We have seen two trends: medical specialization and the rise of alternative medicines. The industry must consider the growth of alternative medicines that can help society and increase the safety of allopathic medicines. Now, patients are much better informed than before and have greater participation in the care of their health. This is generating changes in the consumption of medicine and increasing the purchase and consumption of health supplements.

Q: What actions does Smart Scale carry out to continue providing added value in its services?

A: Our goal is to have a strong relationship with well-positioned players operating in the health sector. Our approach helps us obtain information almost instantaneously about the changes that are taking place in the industry so we adapt to them. Also, our experience in the industry provides us with a holistic and vast vision about the behaviors of the sector. It is easier for us to understand how changes occur and the advantages they offer to our customers.

Q: What are Smart Scale’s three main objectives for 2018?

A: We always want happy and satisfied customers to continue growing in sales and profits. We also want to expand the technological support we provide our clients. Our new product target for 2018 is to develop a platform that accompanies the customer’s website and provides information about the distribution and accessibility of the product.