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Infrastructure Solutions to Tackle COVID-19

By Miriam Bello | Fri, 05/22/2020 - 09:34

Q: How does ATCO Group take advantage of its expertise in different industries to tackle the healthcare sector?

A: ATCO Group’s modular construction model adapts to the customer’s needs. In Mexico, for example, when building clinics for IMSS, the requirements were very clear. The project goes beyond just bed setup; it implies water and drainage services, specific spacing between beds, room ventilation and the possibility of room isolation to avoid infections within the facility. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in Mexico, ATCO Espaciomovil built a space for Grupo Modelo that was donated to INER. It was crucial that the additional space be separated from the main facility because the institute did not want any contact among patients from the different buildings to avoid further spread of the disease. When building this facility, and any other for that matter, we ally with medical specialists depending on the purpose of the infrastructure. This is what guarantees a successful project for both parties. Our expertise in medical infrastructure has helped us identify specific requirements and what partners and allies look for to deliver a perfect project.

This is not the first time that ATCO Group has had to adapt its spaces because of a crisis. Globally, in situations of hurricanes or natural disasters, ATCO Espaciomovil has provided infrastructure that is resistant to extreme wind conditions, using safe materials that protect the people inside. The benefits of our modular spaces are that the material is resistant, interchangeable, relocatable and re-installable.

Healthcare facilities range from very simple clinics to highly specialized and sophisticated hospitals and ATCO Espaciomovil has worked on both sides. We provide a preliminary design and then receive the feedback from the specialists and the client to improve the design and create what they are really aiming for under the best conditions.

At ATCO Espaciomovil we try to foresee the needs of the healthcare sector and in any other industry we work with. In Mexico, the healthcare system is predictable in the sense that infrastructure still has a coverage gap in rural areas. As a result, ATCO Espaciomovil has made healthcare and education its two biggest.

Q: What partnerships are essential for ATCO Espaciomovil’s success in the healthcare sector?

A: We normally ally with medical equipment specialists depending on the projects we are developing. We seek specialists in the medical fields that the facility will be focused on so we are sure we comply with their work needs as they will be the ones using the facilities. Additionally, we seek logistics partners and local specialists on the area or terrain where the project will be built to deliver the most durable infrastructure design.

Q: How does ATCO Espaciomovil promote the innovative infrastructure work that it offers?

A: The modular infrastructure we work with is sometimes compared with provisional infrastructure but ATCO Group goes beyond that. We offer high technology in our construction processes as we use less material for the buildings and rely on man-made material, unlike traditional infrastructure that uses adobe or bricks. Our methods can reduce construction time by half compared to a regular developer, generating less waste and providing better quality and a safer structure. With the proper maintenance, this infrastructure can last as long as a traditional building.

Q: What are ATCO Espaciomovil’s advantages in terms of safety and sanitation?

A: In the case of INER, ATCO Espaciomovil was quick to respond to the institute’s need. We used laminated iron for this project as it is easy to clean and even sterilize, unlike material like drywall that is more likely to soak up bacteria, making it harder to clean. ATCO Espaciomovil was able to build INER’s additional clinic in just five days, which is vital when the world is facing a health emergency.

Many hospitals are drawn to the idea of this type of additional space due to its functionality but they struggle to find medical staff to operate it. I would like to invite associations, foundations, companies and individuals that want to cooperate in the battle against the COVID-19 crisis to look at ATCO Espaciomovil’s effective infrastructure solutions, which can provide long-term and immediate solutions for the needs of COVID-19 patients, as well as the medical staff who are on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Q: What are ATCO Espaciomovil’s goals and growth expectations in the short term?

A: ATCO Espaciomovil is working on a variety of projects around the country. Our priority is to finish them without complications and within the specified requirements. We are interested in innovating in our design solutions and our points of sale want to promote mobile clinics as the pandemic continues to expand.

Our main priority right now is to support patients suffering from the pandemic. The new hospitals or clinics that are being built for this are not a waste of money. After this pandemic, those spaces can transform into sports centers, educational centers or other facilities that people can use.



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