Adriana Vallejo
Monterrey Chapter Leader
Hacking Health
View from the Top

To Innovate, Collaborate

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 17:30

Q: How does Hacking Health foster innovation in the healthcare sector?
A: Hacking Health is a global movement that seeks to improve healthcare through technology, innovation and collaboration. The organization has become a meeting point for different players in the health sector that seek to generate innovation and technology development. We have been working at the Monterrey chapter for more than three years and we have held monthly events to support a large number of entrepreneurs working on several sectoral issues. To date, we have held four hackathons.
Q: What are the main challenges that Hacking Health observes in the Mexican healthcare system?
A: The first barrier we faced was the need for multidisciplinary teams to collaborate to develop value proposals that really impact the sector. Entry barriers are high and startups have to validate their project at the same level as a large company. Therefore, projects require the support of companies and decision-makers who already know and operate in the market.  Another key issue is the regulatory framework. Far from fostering innovation, regulation sometimes hinders the process.