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Innovation, Education, Access Define Leadership

By Miriam Bello | Tue, 09/14/2021 - 12:22

Q: How did Medtronic actively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Medtronic was able to increase the production of our ventilator to respond to the sanitary crisis. In terms of workflow and market impact, the pandemic delayed many programmed surgeries but supplying an unprecedented number of ventilators helped us balance the drop in related demand. Medtronic covers 70 specialties so it was critical that we remained in close contact with doctors to provide alternatives for their patients. In Mexico, which has a high prevalence of diabetes, it is critical to ensure technical support for the different devices these patients use on a daily basis. At the same time, we continued to provide services and devices for operating rooms (OR) and hospital equipment.

Q: How does Medtronic ensure access to its innovations in Mexico?

A: Medtronic invests over US$2 million in R&D and innovation. We have around 19 research centers globally with 10,000 scientists, 4,300 patents and over 300 clinical trials in various stages. This investment is reflected in every device we produce.

Medtronic is one of the strongest manufacturers of medical devices in Mexico and the country provides a relevant contribution to Medtronic globally, which supports our focus in encouraging local consumption. We try to find an entry point through the public and private sectors to ensure we are reaching all patients who need a solution. We firmly believe in developing high-end, state-of-the-art health environments in Mexico, equal to those in the US or the EU. Medtronic is a leader in the development of medical technology but we know that its value is only recognized when it benefits the patient. Medtronic is well aware of the key role medical professionals play in health systems. Therefore, we have also prioritized their training and education regarding our technologies, especially in this new digital era.

Medtronic also approaches the country’s health authorities to share the benefits of our devices  in addressing Mexico’s disease profile. The company has also created a virtuous economic circle by consolidating its manufacturing in Mexico, which generates jobs, attracts investment and spurs development. By sharing how we are impacting individuals’ health, Medtronic hopes to make the authorities aware of the benefits of having a more productive population that is less dependent on the public health system, while at the same time being a source of employment and investment.

As the country begins to reopen post-COVID-19, Medtronic’s strategy is to make its entire portfolio available in Mexico and in the northern region of Latin America.

Q: What is the potential of Medtronic’s Extended Infusion Set in Mexico given the heavy diabetes burden in the country?

A: The Extended Infusion Set uses different indicators to ensure blood glucose levels remain stable for up to seven days. I personally had the chance to interact with some of the patients using it and observed how this technology significantly improved their lifestyle. The quality of life it provides patients changes their entire daily routine. They find themselves freer and in further control of their health throughout the day because they have information available through this device.

Mexico’s high prevalence of diabetes makes it one of our most attractive markets for this watershed solution. The device is targeted to patients with type 1 diabetes so we are looking for as many patients as we can in Mexico and the world to provide them with a solution that can potentially increase their quality of life.

Q: Medtronic recently acquired Medicrea for 3D printed spinal implants. How will this acquisition strengthen Medtronic’s portfolio?

A: This is an example of Medtronic’s constant drive for improvements and to strengthen its portfolio. By acquiring expert companies in certain niches, Medtronic can then escalate related developments. Our goal is to remain a leader in relevant technologies and increase healthcare access.


Medtronic is a global technology leader in the development of medical devices for diabetes, cardiovascular health and obesity. It has been in Mexico for over 40 years and it is present in more than 140 countries.

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