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Innovation Helps Doraldent Break into The Top 3

By Miriam Bello | Fri, 08/07/2020 - 11:54

Q: Doraldent wants to become the largest player in oral hygiene in Mexico by 2025. What factors will help you achieve this goal?

A: In volume and sales, we are already the third-largest company in Mexico, just behind the industry leaders in the toothbrush category. Among the factors that have helped us achieve this market share is innovation. We are always looking for new trends to improve our products and our value proposition for our clients and end users. We are also very quick to respond to clients’ needs and our fulfillment rate is impeccable, which is a priority. We have over 35 years of experience, which is key to maintaining innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our main partners are retail stores, pharmacies and traditional retail channels. Among our main clients are Walmart, Soriana, Chedraui, Tiendas Neto, Farmacias Benavides, Farmacias del Ahorro and Mexico’s Central de Abastos.

Q: How have your different business divisions helped you grow your presence in the market?

A: We have two business divisions. One focuses on private-label manufacturing for our retail and pharmacy clients. We work with more than 11 brands through this model, which makes us the No. 1 manufacturer at the national level. We also manufacture private-label products for clients in Central America, in countries like Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. Our second division is our Doraldent brand for adult and infant users. For our children’s products, we use licenses including Disney and El Chavo del 8 and for adults, we have premium, medium and entry-level products. We thrive to manufacture and distribute products on all market levels and needs to contribute to the health of our country.

Our experience in the market gives us a great advantage. While manufacturing our clients' own brands, we look to the interests of the brand and the product. This means that we are not only focused on profitability but on overseeing the image of the brand and the long-term success of the product.

Q: How important are licenses for children's products?

A: More than 90 percent of our children's toothbrushes use a licensed image. These images are important because they attract clients in two ways. The first is through the parent, who usually buys the brush because she likes it or because she or he knows that her son or daughter will like it. The second is when children accompany their parent to the supermarket. Children's brushes are placed in the lower part of the shelf so the child can see them and choose the one they like. We are leaders in licensing. Doraldent has had the El Chavo del 8 license for more than 15 years and today these products have one of the highest sales volume.

In addition to licenses, we always try to develop a design that is attractive to the child and at the same time promotes oral hygiene. We also offer bristle protectors, which are used to cover the brush after use. We also offer different designs. For example, in the case of El Chavo del 8, the El Chavo barrel is used as a bristle protector. We also have designs in the form of a grinding wheel and others that stick to the bathroom mirror.

Q: What innovations have you implemented in your products in recent years?

A: We offer products with “whitening” bristles, which are industry-approved rough surface filaments that offer a higher cleaning efficiency and help remove bacterial plaque. We also use indicator bristle, which begins to discolor with wear so the customer knows when to change the toothbrush. We also have Twister, which is a technology with interlaced bristles that helps the client to clean hard-to-reach areas in the mouth due to surface structure of the filament. Lastly, we have a bristle called Tapered, which is ultra-thin and works like dental floss for deeper cleaning.

In the coming years, we want to reduce our environmental footprint by incorporating recycled materials into packaging and products. Currently, we handle materials that are easily recyclable and that take less time to biodegrade. We also manufacture bamboo brushes and use other materials such as wheat straw.


Doraldent is a Mexican manufacturer of oral hygiene products. Its flagship products are toothbrushes for both children and adults.

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