Alejandra Groff
Director General
View from the Top

Integrating Equipment to Generate New Functions

Fri, 11/09/2018 - 16:33

Q: How is GMMC evolving its value proposition to adapt to the sector’s changing needs?
A: We are working with many different brands, such as Welch Allyn and Schiller, to integrate different equipment into a single system that gathers all available information to provide new functionality. GMMC is also working with doctors to develop projects that allow them to provide care in rural areas. Over the past six years our goal has been to provide remote diagnostics. It is not easy, but we hope that Hill-Rom’s acquisition of two brands we distribute, Welch Allyn and Montara, will facilitate this by allowing the generation of a broader product line. We are working with manufacturers to develop comprehensive solutions that we can offer to doctors and clinics. The old sales model that involved the sale of equipment no longer works; it is now necessary to offer clients internal solutions that directly address their problems.
Q: How has your business model evolved and what role do integrated solutions play in it?
A: We are focusing more on subleasing the equipment and providing comprehensive services. The goal of these services is to incorporate technology into daily operations so that doctors, hospitals and clinics can offer patients all the tests they require from the moment they are diagnosed and during their rehabilitation. Seventy percent of our sales are directed to the private sector.
Q: What benefits do hospitals and doctors get from acquiring your solutions?
A: Many hospitals are seeing the benefits of integrating all information into a single system, which automatically stores it in the patient’s clinical file. Compiling this information reduces errors and provides a cleaner and more precise file compared to the previous method. This technology allows doctors to reduce their margins of error and gives all medical professionals more time to devote to other matters. Hospitals are increasingly aware of the benefits of acquiring high-quality supplies; they are educating themselves and switching out low-priced products for better equipment.
Q: What are the main challenges when training professionals to use GMMC’s solutions?
A: Unlike younger generations, older doctors have been slow to incorporate technology into their day-to-day practices, although they are open to learning. However, we have found that nurses are more reluctant to accept anything that takes them out of their comfort zone, so we have to work much harder to convince them to use the system.
Q: How did GMMC tailor its product portfolio to address current market needs?
A: GMMC started operating with the goal of importing products from medium and small-sized companies that did not have a budget to hire their own distributor in Mexico. In the beginning, we were three partners that handled products from around the world but our product portfolio was too diverse and we felt it was better for the business that the three of us separated.
Although we now all operate individually, our close connection allows us to easily purchase products from regions we do not normally manage. Our product line is still too big; to continue growing, our goal is to refine our product portfolio and acquire new products only in areas related to cardiology and diagnosis. We will also increase our online presence and focus on our existing customer base instead of looking for new ones.
Q: How is the market for medical devices different from one region to another and how does this impact your sales?
A: Demand for our products varies depending on the region. For instance, we have had trouble entering Merida’s market because it is common for businesses in the city to import medications from Miami. Although this market is challenging, we will continue our push to expand into the Southeast. The north of the country has been much more welcoming to foreign products with the exception of Baja California, which receives few products and at exorbitant prices due to local import and export taxes.