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Integrating the Pieces of a Fragmented Health System

By Miriam Bello | Wed, 05/06/2020 - 14:30

Q: How has your beta product for managing clinical records evolved?

A: Our smart-practice project is ongoing. Our platform offers three major advantages. First, it provides the right tools for clinical excellence, from prescription alerts to equivalencies in symptoms and medications. The clinical insights we can provide are extremely useful. Second, our platform is really user-friendly: regular users do not take long to learn how to use the platform. The platform’s third advantage is its interconnectedness with the industry.

Part of the added value we offer to doctors is connectivity to other elements in the industry, such as automated production of medical reports for insurance companies or patient sign-ups in the pharmaceutical sector. Our platform allows current connections to take place more efficiently. For instance, doctors use up valuable time filling out reports for insurance companies. We conclude that process with a single click.

Q: How has Mural Med’s industry participation evolved?

A: We are growing in the country. We also are implementing projects in South America. Mexico’s private and public health sectors are complex. They are fragmented compared to other regions in the world where the public sector is the most important and the private sector is fully standardized. In Mexico, both the public and private sectors have different entities that make it more complex for the patient, who could have a more unified and cheaper experience that would ultimately be reflected in health improvement. What we do is close this gap by connecting several of these entities to reduce costs and procedural times while remaining transparent. Regardless of the complexity of the health system, fragmentation offers an opportunity for us, especially in developing countries.

Q:  How can Mural Med’s system lead to greater healthcare integration?

A: We are betting on the management of the population’s health through consultative networks, and pharmaceutical and insurance companies. We can help companies with a large number of patients to reduce operational and transactional costs due to a more efficient flow of information. Regardless of the segment in which the client participates, it is really difficult for a single company to cover the needs of every patient. They all end up making connections between each other, so we provide the opportunity to converge on a single platform. We reduce costs, times and provide information that our clients have never seen before. As for doctors, we allow them the possibility to jump into a network of entities that look for clinical excellence. In the end, the more efficient they are, the better the patient experience because they become empowered through self-service features.

Q: What partnerships has Mural Med created to strengthen its operations in the market?

A: Our partnership with Microsoft is really important due to the company’s broad knowledge of artificial intelligence. We are a special partner of this company in Latin America, not only due to our success in health, but because we are now an Independent Software Vendor for them. We keep considering our partnership with Vidal Vademecum very valuable and we are also collaborating with Medtronic in diabetes related projects.  

Q: What future projects is Mural Med contemplating?

A: One project is the implementation of our technology for base-of-the-pyramid services, with patients who do not have regular access to health and digital services. This is a great opportunity as a company and for individuals who are working to transform the health system in the country. A couple of our projects can help Mural Med to become the bridge between the private and the public sectors, while generating benefits for patients who experience the fragmentation of the health system first hand.

In the short term, we want to strengthen our network of doctors. Second, we want to deepen our partnerships with the larger entities we are already working with, by integrating their systems. Finally, we want to launch our base-of-the-pyramid product.

The health sector will not evolve if we do not have compatible and portable Electronic Health Records, because that is where accurate data starts. We can compare the impact of this transformation by comparing it with the electronic invoice. Mexico is the world leader in this area and we can now do electronic tax processes automatically, but it all began with the electronic invoice as the new standard.



Mural Med is a digital platform developed by the company of the same name that provides tools to manage health populations and patient nabigation. Mural Med registers patients’ clinical information over the life of their treatment.

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst