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Interconnected Hospital Trend Drives Technology Adoption

By Miriam Bello | Wed, 04/28/2021 - 12:00

Q: How does CHG-Meridian (CHG) support its clients amid their digital transformation?

A: There are two main advantages from working with CHG. The first is our technology renewal service, which gives our client the opportunity to access new technology and upgrade their performance with innovative equipment. The second is our leasing model, which allows clients to lease any kind of new technology, from software to complete solutions of hardware and software. Moreover, our web-based TESMA platform allows real-time information access around our clients’ assets. Normally, we update it every two years so clients can have this convenient digital access.

Q: How does CHG interact with the growing trend of interconnected hospitals?

A: TESMA is aligned with hospital connection services for when our clients are ready to implement these. Also, we offer our consultancy service to determine which system would suit our clients best, depending on their hospital needs. After that, we can offer a leasing service to finance their digital conversion. Depending on what the client is looking for, we assign the solution that fits best rather than overshare information, which can be overwhelming.

Hospital interconnection is a growing trend in Mexico, especially in hospital chains. TESMA provides many benefits for its ecosystems. The implementation and financing of such systems is a long-term commitment in terms of money and time but, in my experience, it is completely worth it.

Q: As technology advances, what is CHG’s growth strategy to boost its client portfolio?

A: Our priority is to access state-of-the-art technology and to remain up to date with all technological trends. That ensures we can respond to our clients’ requests and offer them an appropriate solution to improve their performance. Likewise, we innovate our leasing services according to the client’s plans. For instance, medical devices renewals tend to take up to five years. However, if a client decides to change their equipment earlier, CHG is ready to work with that. As a consultant, we would also make recommendations and guide the client’s decision. For example, we may detect the coming launch of a new product that may be better suited to the client and advise them to wait. The decisions are always up to client but we lean on our global market expertise to provide advice.

Q: What are your growth expectations for 2021?

A: We have two priorities. We want to continue supporting our clients with our consultancy services, which have been consistent during the pandemic. Moreover, we want to close the large projects we put on hold as a result of the lockdowns. We have projects related to nuclear medicine that require infrastructure and large medical devices and equipment. These projects normally take 12-24 months to complete but the pandemic prolonged them.


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