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Local Chart Production for Precise Graphic Registration

By Jan Hogewoning | Thu, 11/26/2020 - 09:33

Q: What makes you the leader in precise graphic registration in Mexico?

A: We are the only manufacturer of charts for precise graphic registration in Mexico. This means that we have a very strong position in the market. Our competition, at least in this segment, solely comes from imported products. As a family business, I believe we have greater freedom to adapt and personalize products for the client, offering over 40,000 options. There are so many sectors that need to measure processes, which makes the need for adaptation endless. Today, more and more graphic monitoring is happening digitally. This has had a big impact on our sales. However, there are sectors like healthcare where it is still the law to produce paper records. Analogue methods have stood the test of time and produce very good results.

Q: What products do you provide to the health sector and what makes them the best option for clients?

A: The medical sector has been the primary driver in our company’s development. The charts we supply to the medical sector have a special cellulose paper, which we have to import from Germany and Japan. Apart from paper for graphic registration, we also provide the pen used to draw the records. We also have several lines of gel products that we have developed over the years. These include ultrasound gel, electrocardiogram gel, sterile gel, conductive pastes, neutral gel and therapeutic gel.

We are looking at collaborating with a Mexican scientist who discovered a nano molecule capable of killing various viruses and bacteria. In our development process, we seek partnerships with companies that strive to deliver high-quality products, such as Zebra Technologies, which are always trying to innovate to make products more effective and safer. For example, the adhesive for blood bag stickers is designed in such a way that it does not permeate the bag and contaminate the blood.

Our manufacture processes are certified by ISO 9001:2015, so we can guarantee the quality, stability and duration of the registry done in our charts. Nevertheless, we offer a strong price-to-quality ratio. This makes it possible for both private and public hospitals to use our products.

Q: How is AKUASUL expanding its coverage to new markets?

A: We are the only suppliers for registration charts to a number of sectors . For example, we provide charts for earthquake measurement equipment. We also provide consumables to PEMEX and to CFE. They use our charts to conduct measurements at the Laguna Verde nuclear power station. Other applications of our product include refrigeration units for vaccines or climate control at the dairy giant Lala. In the transport business, they use graphs to register distance, speed and other KPIs. Any industry that has the need to measure something can be our client.

Q: What are AKUASUL’s short-term goals?

A: Our goal is to recover what we lost in the Mexican market. Foreign competition in terms of paper products is very aggressive. However, our competitors do not focus on quality. A fine paper used in the medical sector should last 10 years. Imagine you are a patient who needs to go for a check-up every five years and the papers the hospital uses for registration only last a month. The fact that we want to provide a long-lasting and delicate paper makes it harder to offer a product for a much lower price. The medical sector still uses a lot of paper, making it a continual growth opportunity. With our distribution partners across the country, we should be able to attract new clients.  


AKAUSUL manufactures charts for precise graphic registration to a range of sectors including health. In this market, they also offer special gels for various medical purposes and distribute printers and consumables for patient bracelets, labels for laboratory tubes and blood bags.

Jan Hogewoning Jan Hogewoning Journalist and Industry Analyst