Liliana Mora
View from the Top

Local Company Strives to Pioneer New Technologies

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 16:29

Q: What is Síoltalife’s value proposition for the healthcare market?
A: Síoltalife aspires to become a link for those international institutions that want to establish themselves in Mexico through a personalized value proposition based on an end-user focus, expertise, knowledge, confidentiality and no competition. Síoltalife proposes a disruptive model through a multidisciplinary team with more than 15 years’ experience in the scientific market. Although we use standard marketing platforms, we always look for what differentiates a company and generate the market strategy around that.  
As we work in life sciences, we promote high-tech products and we employ a strong technical team to ensure the final user has the required technical knowledge. We work mainly in the Mexican pharmaceutical industry but we have developed some lines for packaging technologies. We are business developers and our goal is to help manufacturers to position their product in the Mexican market.
Q: What Síoltalife products or technologies are most needed by those companies looking to enter the Mexican market?
A: We have launched new technologies in Mexico, including digital measuring of concentration rates, bioreactors, rheometers and X-ray diffraction. We want to generate connections with international manufacturers to help them adapt their global strategy to Mexico’s landscape. We also want to be strategic partners to these manufacturers and support them by launching technology in the Mexican market. For instance, we worked with a German glass manufacturer to launch Nexterium, a glass covered with several chemicals that can be used to print genes.
Together with an Austrian company, we developed an oscillating U-tube that can be used to determine the density of liquids with fewer sample sizes than conventional techniques. Mexican pharmacopoeia required the use of pycnometers to measure density, which require much larger sample quantities, so we worked to introduce this technique into the local industry. It is now considered a reference technique.
Q: How does Síoltalife adapt its strategies according to its clients?
A: Our team is comprised of experts in many areas; for instance, we have an internationally-certified coach, an expert in validation with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a group of chemists with significant experience in sales. Every project is evaluated according to customer needs and goals to define the best strategy for development. We have been working with a Chinese company that has developed a high-quality packaging that is attractive to Mexico’s generics market thanks to its competitive cost. We take one of two approaches with new clients. The first is to work with indirect suppliers of critical materials, such as packaging for medications. The second is the direct approach: working with a pharmaceutical company that requires the packaging and can import it. In the latter case, the challenge is logistical.
Q: How is Síoltalife supporting Mexican companies and institutes?
A: We collaborate with research centers and CROs, such as Pharmometrica, a center that recognized the need to diversify its business to continue expanding. We are helping this CRO to diversify its market and to build its branding strategy for Latin America. We also developed a short-term strategy that includes customer-retention strategies for project and sales tracking management and finally, we developed a loyalty program to retain customers and new clients.
The Mexican market is seeing an influx of globalization leaders that require proper communication, people development and management skills to ensure profitability. This has led to another strategic line, which is our leadership development program, created after the company found itself with a large team of expert scientists and technicians who lacked leadership skills. This program generates value through human capital.