Mamotest Closes Pre Series A for $3.3 million
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Mamotest Closes Pre Series A for $3.3 million

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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 04/17/2023 - 11:29

Mamotest, the health tech that is fighting breast cancer through impactful technology and real-world data, announced on March 27 the closing of its $3.3 million Pre-Series A Round. The round was led by Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures (J&J Impact Ventures), an impact fund within the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, with additional participation from VC Sonen Capital, Sky High and other private investors. Existing investors Merck, known as MSD outside the US and Canada, as well as Banco Comafi, also participated in this new round. As a result, Mamotest's overall investment now amounts to US$ 5 million.

Since 2013, Mamotest stands out as a company focused on impact tech, based on deep knowledge of real-world data, identifying and understanding barriers -institutional, social, psychological, cultural, economic, etc. - that distance women from access to high-quality diagnosis and treatment (ignored by most of the health industry). Thus, Mamotest is pushing for a revolutionary change in the health system, to evolve from one dedicated to curing patients to one that keeps people healthy.

With a strong presence in Mexico and Argentina, Mamotest’s impact and reach have been recognized by some of the world’s leading organizations. In the last year alone, Mamotest was recognized as:

  • One of the most innovative companies in the world (eighth in Latam), according to Fast Company Magazine 

  • One of the most disruptive global health tech startups, according to the UN

  • One of the 100 companies capable of saving 1 billion lives, as stated by Norrsken Foundation

  • Zayed Sustainability Prize Winner (UAE). 

  • Tech Pioneer Partner at the World Economic Forum

Mamotest also launched its own digital platform in 2022, which combines the latest AI technology with a 100% patient-centered approach. With this, Mamotest reached 650,000 women, no matter their resources, and 3,500 health professionals, guaranteeing 100% traceability of the patient’s journey and generating data that has the power to save lives. Thanks to this innovative technology, 87% of women diagnosed with breast cancer accessed treatment on time. 

“Closing Pre-Series A with such important investors remarks, is not just a key moment for Mamotest; it is a new start. Mamotest’s technology takes the best of AI, but it was designed and it is daily executed and supervised by a professional human team with real-world patients and real-world environments in mind. Advances in technology are rapidly changing the healthcare industry and new innovations are constantly being developed. It may sound simple but it requires hard work and unyielding commitment. The rewards, however, are immense. In the coming years, this revolutionary technology will become an active and radical collaborator in breast cancer treatment itself,” says Guillermo Pepe, CEO and Founder, Mamotest.


Mamotest stands out as a company focused on impact technology, which developed its own platform for telediagnosis of mammograms and oncology patient guidance, supported by AI to revolutionize the healthcare system. Mamotest's vision is to evolve from curing patients to keeping people healthy, drastically reducing breast cancer mortality. Mamotest is now operating in Argentina and Mexico. 


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