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Market Intelligence the Key to Business Success

By Miriam Bello | Fri, 09/24/2021 - 12:45

Q: How does FrontierView’s market intelligence support different client profiles in the healthcare industry?

A: Our priority is to understand the objectives of the leadership teams of our clients to provide them a tailored business plan that fits their global or regional goals. Through these personalized strategies, we provide clients with a 360° action plan and become an extension of their teams. Market expansion requires reliable information and business insights developed by experts with comprehensive knowledge of macroeconomics, specific industry areas, regional politics and local markets. FrontierView gives clients a better understanding of the market to help them make better business decisions.

Q: Mexico and Latin America struggle to generate robust databases for healthcare. How is FrontierView overcoming this problem?

A: The lack of reliable information, especially in comparison to the US, is one of the biggest challenges companies face in the region. Our team of experts compiles the best and most reliable information based on their expertise. These experts are also constantly in contact with our network of executives, which allows them to have reliable, updated data related to the healthcare ecosystem.

Latin America is volatile and unpredictable but, at the same time, it is a resilient region that has significant raw potential. We identify this potential and the opportunities that exist in the region. The key is to find sustainable opportunities .

Q: Mexico and Brazil are Latin America’s most attractive markets. How can Mexico enhance its healthcare market?

A: Mexico’s health sector is undergoing many changes, which means its actors have a great many opportunities to collaborate and enhance their respective vision of patient centricity. The circumstances are ripe for collaboration between stakeholders to develop solutions for their companies and foster more opportunities for both the public and private sectors.

Q: How does FrontierView use technology as an ally to connect with your clients and their different stakeholders?

A: Technology facilitates these C-Level decisions at national and multinational companies. We understand that an executive’s time is limited. The executives have numerous priorities, so we break down the information into strategic insights to create the Frontier Mobile app. This is a very adaptable solution that makes all the necessary information available to these executives. The solution has been well received by our clients, who can later access our web platform to review the information in detail.

FrontierView prioritizes connection and the identification of key insights to help companies have the right conversations through our executive roundtables, which are now virtual due to the pandemic.

Q: As a woman in a leadership position in the healthcare industry, what advances have you noticed with gender equality?

A: I feel lucky because this company encourages female leadership. It built a space for us and provides support. FrontierView focuses on development and, as a woman, the company encourages us to continue growing to become leaders. As women, it is often harder to get the same recognition and promotions as men and it is harder to reach leadership positions.

A saying that has stuck with me is: “You are a woman and you do not need to stop being a woman to reach a leadership position. You do not have to stop thinking as a woman or dressing like a woman. You are a woman, and as such, you think differently and you have different points of view. You bring a different perspective to the table.” We need to leverage our experience and vision to our advantage. It is a matter of finding those opportunities but we need to be wise, prepared and present, regardless of the situation we are in.

Gender equality can play a larger role at every level of the healthcare industry. It requires collaboration and an effort on both sides: men and women. Healthcare companies are more open and aware of gender inequality, so they are open to providing more leadership positions to women and have encouraged programs for female development, while addressing the realties women face on their professional journey.


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