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Market Leadership Through Best Practices, Shared Expertise

By Miriam Bello | Fri, 08/21/2020 - 09:11

Q: What factors have made Eppendorf a leading life sciences company?

A: Eppendorf’s journey started 75 years ago, so we are celebrating our golden years. What made Eppendorf a leader is its search for perfection and focusing on providing our customers the best results they can get. We are, first of all, a family business and we reinvest a significant part of our revenue into R&D and manufacturing. Furthermore, we consider it essential to develop within the three dimensions of sustainability: social, ecological and financial.

Q: Which is your strongest division in Mexico?

A: Liquid and sample handling are our strongest lines in Mexico, with pipettes, pipette tips and plastic consumables among our top sellers. The Eppendorf Research Plus pipette system is proving to be the standard for labs. Sample handling includes centrifuges and our Eppendorf tube, which is the flagship product of the company. Our customers recognize not only the smart characteristics of the products but also the quality, which translates to quick results that are reliable, highly reproducible and repeatable.

Right now, the government is our largest consumer, followed by the private sector. The industrial market is growing rapidly for Eppendorf. The government will remain our largest client in the second half of the year, although we expect higher demand from companies in the food and beverages, pharma and chemicals industries.

Q: What are the main advantages Eppendorf’s products provide to Mexican clients?

A: The main advantage is reliability. Customers buy Eppendorf knowing they will get not only high-end technology, but also a durable product that will deliver the same performance over time. For example, any customer that buys a centrifuge from us gets a product that will last at least 15 years. If they buy another Eppendorf centrifuge before that time, it is because their needs have changed either in amount or type of samples. Most of our products are guaranteed for over a year and in plastics we offer a three-year warranty on sterile products.

Q: How does Eppendorf incorporate innovation into its product portfolio?

A: Innovation for Eppendorf is based on using the best materials, the highest technology and ensuring the best performance through sustainable manufacturing. We take into account not only the customer’s needs, but the application needs and the use of environmentally compliant materials in type and quantity. Additionally, Eppendorf is always in search of new materials and technologies that can perform better that those used, especially if new customer needs are detected.

Q: How does Eppendorf balance excellence in products with affordability and ecological sustainability?

A: Eppendorf decided to create a health, safety and environment department, which is a team of experts from different disciplines who, among other things, focus on the management of the three sustainability dimensions, strategically and operationally, at manufacturing plants. Eppendorf has been using green refrigerants in its freezers for over 10 years now. We were one of the first manufacturers to have reusable boxes for pipette tips and this year we are replacing these with a new model that has up to 30 percent less plastic.

Q: How does the company support education in life sciences in Mexico and the world?

A: Twenty-five years ago, Eppendorf, in collaboration with the scientific journal Nature, started the Eppendorf Award for Young European Researchers. A board reviews all submissions and grants a monetary prize but, more importantly, the work is published in Nature. There is also a prize in neurobiology that was introduced this year. In Mexico, as representatives of Eppendorf, we are committed to continuously bringing continuous education to our customers through workshops and conferences, and now through webinars because of COVID-19.

Q: How big a role does Mexico play in Eppendorf’s global portfolio?

A: Since 2017, Eppendorf has recognized Mexico is key to having a strong presence in Latin America. The company decided to regain the trust of its customers in this country, which is why the strategy changed for the region. The Mexican team commercially supports Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, but technically we support all Spanish-speaking countries. Thus, we are active in congresses, workshops, conferences and webinars, supporting not only our dealers but our end customers. In the future, we want to continue to work with dealers and customers to grow together and support Mexican science through academic and application activities.


Eppendorf is a leading life sciences company that develops and sells instruments, consumables and services for liquid, sample and cell handling in laboratories

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