Medical Records Are Path to Sector Optimization
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Medical Records Are Path to Sector Optimization

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Xavier Valdez - IQVIA
Regional Manager for Real World Analytics and Services


Q: How does IQVIA view R&D in Mexico?
A: At a corporate level, this is a fundamental area for the company because it helps us identify future releases and to work more efficiently with clients depending on their therapeutic focus. Locally, however, R&D has not evolved significantly. Our main focus has been to take advantage of global studies and research to prove a product’s efficacy. That being said, we do see a great opportunity for R&D to grow in Mexico. The country hosts institutions with global prestige that work to the highest standards. At the same time, we have a large patient population that is diverse enough to cover the different treatments we analyze.
The main area of opportunity in the country is accelerating the time it takes for protocols to be approved, together with increased certifications for hospitals and training of doctors. We estimate approximately US$6 billion is invested globally in clinical research annually yet Mexico receives only US$200-300 million. If we could attract more of these resources, doctors would benefit from better training and patients would have access to innovative treatments.
Q: How is IQVIA taking advantage of Industry 4.0 advances and what long-term impact are you expecting in the healthcare sector?
A: We are still betting on technology and the development of new solutions to improve our sales force. Our customer relationship management solution, called OCE, gives us greater control of our promotional strategy with clients and stakeholders through an omnichannel platform and helps us achieve close data integration within the different areas of the company. Big Data is a key element in our solution. This provides results based on solid analysis of the information we offer to clients and that we receive as feedback from them. From this, we can then execute appropriate business strategies.
The company has invested heavily in OCE and as part of our Latin American hub, Mexico is fundamental in our approach to technology and analysis. We already have multinational clients using OCE in Mexico and we have more projects in the pipeline that we hope to consolidate in the midterm.
As the healthcare sector evolves, we see a dire need for data integration between different industry players. The government wants to make changes to how Seguro Popular operates but it may not have a clear idea of what it means to have medical records at a national level without being dependent of a particular institution. Cloud implementations are essential for this to work and to conduct efficient research related to the best treatments for each patient.
Q: How is your focus on data access impacting the evolution of the OCE platform and the development of other platforms?
A: We are merging OCE with our doctor database. We have information related to doctors’ areas of expertise, hospitals where they work and other variables that allow for segmentation based on contact preferences. This helps us create directed campaigns based on a specific treatment or an area where we want to promote a certain solution. After we receive information back from doctors, we can use that to strengthen our algorithms and further boost our campaigns depending on how doctors build their treatments or the information they wish to receive.
Data access is also a priority to generate databases that help us draw conclusions about treatments and their efficacy. At the beginning of 2018, we released a platform called Oncology Dynamics where we gather data from 250 oncologists on patients, types of cancer, treatments and how patients are responding to them. Although our database is small, it is already yielding interesting results related to treatment use and efficacy, as well as how doctors are treating complications related to a specific disease. We collected the first batch of data in March 2018 and we have been adding to that with quarterly reports.

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