Mexican Subsidiary of European Group Provides Patient Comfort

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 11:51

Anyone caring for an elderly patient at home understands the challenge of adapting to the mobility, nutritional and medical needs that must be met. Medical beds- manufacturer wissner-bosserhoff (Wi-bo) and Linet Group SE are addressing this niche with electrically adjustable beds that maximize the user’s comfort. Allowing the user or caretaker to adjust the bed’s height provides a number of benefits. Patients can breathe better, have breakfast in bed or chat comfortably with visitors or caretakers. The beds also provide support for the knees which, together with the height adjustments, allow for better weight distribution to prevent ulcers. The bed’s height can also be adjusted to make it safer and easier for the patient to get in and out.

Wi-bo’s beds are also equipped with a firm mattress that supports and distributes weight to prevent skin lesions. They also employ a waterproof cover to facilitate sponge baths and cleaning. The beds are equipped with wheels to improve mobility and brakes for increased safety once parked. Furthermore, the incorporation of adaptable bed railings grants both comfort and safety. These railings also provide support for the patient when walking alongside the bed. The bed railings can also be adjusted according to user’s height when seated and can be adjusted for four different heights.

With dimensions of 208cm long per 106cm wide, these beds can safely hold up 270kg. The bed is also designed to be easy to extend horizontally when necessary. Its surface is easy to clean and comes equipped with both horizontal and vertical corner bumper, to prevent accidents.

Wi-bo beds can also be equipped with a night light function to help the user find their way in the darkness that can be switched on and off with a handset. This handset also allows the user or caretaker to choose between three safety levels: nursing, resident and locking mode.

Linet Group also manufactures and distributes a large number of beds, tables, mattresses, chairs and furnishing concepts for hospital and home care, all with the patient’s comfort in mind. The company specializes in the design of beds that facilitate care by reducing the physical demands on caretakers and improving their efficiency. wissner-bosserhoff is a German company that specializes in the manufacture of beds and transport chairs.