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Mexico City Kicks Off Door-to-Door Health Program

By Antonio Gozain | Wed, 08/11/2021 - 16:37

The Ministry of Health of Mexico City kicked off the campaign “Health in your life, Health for wellbeing,” which will have multiple brigades visiting people door to door to identify the ones with comorbidities. The campaign will give them timely care to decrease the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oliva López, Minister of Health of Mexico City, explained during the program’s presentation that this strategy invites the city’s population to “take their health in their own hands” to prevent diseases that caused thousands of deaths during the pandemic.

According to official data, COVID-19 has killed over 245,000 Mexicans, 36,290 of them from Mexico City. The pandemic hit harder in the country, health authorities have said repeatedly, because of the population’s bad health conditions. According to INEGI, 39.5 percent of adults over 20-years-old are overweight, 35.3 percent suffer obesity, 20.2 percent of them have hypertension and 12.7 percent suffer from diabetes.

The “Health in your life, Health for wellbeing” program began last Tuesday, when the first brigadiers met in Health Care Center T-III “Doctor Rafael Ramírez Suárez,” located in the Gustavo A. Madero municipality. During the following hours, the squads traveled around the borough meeting people directly in their houses and letting them know about the new initiative.

People can now send SMS texts to the number 51515 to ask for medical help and receive personalized attention in the closest Health Care Center to their home, explained López, who also said that every brigade should always carry their credentials, for people to correctly identify them.

During the event, Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda, General Director of ISSSTE, explained that his institute will join the Ministry of Health’s initiative, offering extra assistance during the door-to-door visits.

“We are certain that the best way to fight against diseases is having every Health Institution contributing with its expertise, human resources and infrastructure. We have to rationalize resources and, of course, the pandemic has taught us that the only way to beat it is working together,” he said.

Ramírez also talked about a new health program that ISSSTE is going to implement, called “A Day Without Sweet Drinks,” scheduled to begin on August 30, when public schools will resume in-person classes.

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Photo by:   Zion Arellano
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