Mexico City’s Ministry of Health Strengthens Prevention
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Mexico City’s Ministry of Health Strengthens Prevention

Photo by:   Secretaría de Salud de la Ciudad de México
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Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 05/10/2022 - 15:36

To promote healthcare and prevention in Mexico City, Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum opened several Wellness Fairs throughout the city, which offered free notary, treasury and civil registry services, health assistance and "Central de Abasto en tu Colonia" program.

These fairs are an effective dynamic for the Ministry of Health of Mexico City (SEDESA) to continue promoting its initiative Health in Your Life (Salud en tu Vida), said government officials. This program aims to reduce the rates of diabetes, hypertension and obesity and encourage those who suffer from them to monitor and control the disease. For that reason, the fairs focused on providing free medical care and other health services such as measuring blood pressure and glucose levels. To prevent breast cancer, the Ministry will also offer mammograms through mobile health units on special locations and days.

Beyond these services, the fairs are also providing citizens with free birth certificates and other civil registry paperwork to all adults over 65 years old. They also offer free legal advice and guidance on divorce, guardianship, custody or alimony, among other topics. The fairs also offer information about local welfare programs and pensions and allow residents to register for loans and look for job openings in the city. The city is also offering free artistic and cultural activities, training and educational courses.

City officials have made numerous efforts to promote preventive healthcare, such as the "Health Days for Public Markets" to increase awareness of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Due to their affluence of people and importance to the Mexican economy, public markets were selected as part of a strategic goal for prevention.

The Ministry is also promoting physical activity to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases through the program “Move in The City" (Muevete en la Ciudad), offered at various public spaces including city halls and parks. This program offers activities such as the measure of body mass index and waist circumference and provides information and food label reading workshops. Some of this program’s most popular activities include Paseo de la Reforma’s bicycle rides and classes for fitness dance, yoga, aerobic martial art and pilates,

Photo by:   Secretaría de Salud de la Ciudad de México

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