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Mexico Health Summit 2022 ECHO is Going Hybrid

By Miriam Bello | Tue, 07/19/2022 - 16:59

Healthcare priorities have been shifting in Mexico since 2019, leading to a change in the original objectives of the National Health Plan 2019-2024 and evidencing Mexico’s corrective approach toward healthcare. Regardless of the changes, both public and private providers saw the opportunity to grow and improve care provision through tech and preventive measures. Key industry leaders will address these and other topics in depth during Mexico Health Summit 2022 Echo.

Mexico is working to regularize the services that were disrupted during the pandemic. One of the country’s largest health burdens is the prevalence of chronic diseases, which will worsen if attention gaps continue. To reduce their impact, care providers are betting on tech, education and new models of care to empower patients through their journeys. As the country faces a 7.4 percent inflation rate, financing and value-based care access models are becoming fundamental, so numerous actors are exploring these solutions.

Digitalization is embedded in every part of this transformative process. From creating electronic medical records to integrating a health ecosystem in the Mexican regulation, providers are advancing tech developments that enhance continuous access to healthcare and boost care provision.

While all actors in the industry are working towards integrating tech, entrepreneurs are working towards standardizing innovation and opening up the market to novel solutions that aim to positively impact providers and patients.

Providers are also targeting diagnosis capabilities to prevent diseases from advancing. This focus on prevention and timely detection and intervention is leading hospitals to reconfigure their facilities and services to focus on ambulatory and home-care options that also integrate primary healthcare services.

The redefinition of goals for the sector also considers nearshoring opportunities and ways to enhance the industry’s manufacturing capabilities for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as its talent development and retention.

Mexico Health Summit 2022 ECHO will host leaders of the industry who will discuss these issues, sharing their expertise in different complementary areas of this essential sector. This time the event will be hybrid, with one day of in-person conferences and networking opportunities, a second day for online conferences and networking through the AI-powered platform Brella and a third day exclusive for online networking. Join us from August 31 to September 2!

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Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst