Mexico Health Summit 2022: Join the Digital Transformation
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Mexico Health Summit 2022: Join the Digital Transformation

Photo by:   Enric Moreu on Unsplash
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Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/10/2022 - 13:39

An industry based on continuous innovation is currently undergoing one of the most intense transformations of modern times. Attend Mexico Health Summit 2022 to learn about the roadmap of health providers on their journey to digitalization and how this is revolutionizing their practices and treatments for patients.

What in the past used to be a niche, Healthtech has now permeated every sector in the industry, improving providers’ internal and external outcomes and becoming a direct channel to reach and remain in contact with the patient, fostering a patient-centric model that understands their needs better than ever before.

In Mexico Health Summit 2022, providers will be able to share, first hand, what it is like to adapt and adopt technology as a regular practice. The summit will provide insight on local innovation in health but also on how to make a local development successful at the national and international level.

As tech moves forward, medical professionals, science and regulation need to respond. To understand how each of these actors are coping with change, Mexico Health Summit will host the leading voices on the subject, to explain what we know and what we are about to see. 

The summit is also proud to receive representatives of what is know to be the best health system in the world, UK’s National Health System (NHS), to talk about tech-based trends such as genomics and its potential to improve treatments and care for the Mexican population. Leading this team of experts will be British Ambassador to Mexico, Jon Benjamin, who will introduce a pivotal global and national subject: health as a fundamental issue for COP26.

At this highly innovative event, speakers will be sure to address Mexico’s historic health burdens that are yet to be met and the role each player has in improving the country’s reality by integrating best practices, specialized equipment and a deep understanding of the local society.

 As always, Mexico Health Summit will gather multisectoral actors of the industry, bringing in each panel different opinions that can enrich the conversation and provide an exact view on work and experience in care provision.

Mark your calendar for Feb. 16 and 17 to be part of the digitalization of the sector at Mexico Health Summit and also take advantage of the unique networking opportunities that will be available for every participant. 


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Photo by:   Enric Moreu on Unsplash

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