Mexico Health Summit Is Here
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Mexico Health Summit Is Here

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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/16/2022 - 15:36

Mexico Health Summit 2022 takes center stage this week as leading health professionals meet to reflect and learn about the sector’s rapid digitization and how it has revolutionized practices and treatments. In other news, Minister of Health Jorge Alcocer announces that the country is on the verge of heard immunity, while AMEIFAC announces changes in its board of directors for 2022.


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Mexico Health Summit 2022: Join the Digital Transformation

Mexico Health Summit 2022 is finally here. Register now to learn about the roadmap of health providers on their journey to digitalization and how this is revolutionizing their practices and treatments for patients.


Mexico Approaches Herd Immunity

Mexico approaches herd immunity, reports Mexico Minister of Health Jorge Alcocer Varela. COVID-19 is no longer expected to disappear due to its different mutations but, because of the speed with which the fourth wave of COVID-19 hit the country, a massive herd immune period is expected to take place as cases continue decreasing.


AMEIFAC Introduces Board of Directors

Mexico´s leading association for the pharmaceutical industry announced a change in administration. Among the newly appointed were MBN’s interviewees Marlene Llópiz and Yolanda Cervantes as Head of the International Relations Commission and Juan Luis Serrano Leets as Head of the Regulatory, Government Relations and Authority Commission.



Healthcare Disruptors Beyond COVID-19

Disruption and crisis in the healthcare sector following the COVID-19 era offers compelling momentum for change and innovation. Sandra Sanchez-Oldenhage, President, Pharmadvice, talks about the importance of transformation in the sector, moving from an inefficient and overwhelmingly costly system into one that prioritizes value above all.


Cloud Infrastructure for Every Health Provider

Google Cloud’s Igor Fermin discusses the functionalities and solutions of a cloud supported by state-of-the-art applications. In a recent interview with MBN, Fermin talks about how cloud solutions can best support the latest trends in the health sector, such as home care.


Remote Monitoring Services Supported by Real-Time Information

Aidicare is consolidating its interconnected system by incorporating remote monitoring devices and other services, said CEO Juan Manuel Cáceres. The goal is to provide better and customized care even at a distance.


In the Fight Against Childhood Cancer, We Can All Be Allies

Diseases like leukemia have an 80 percent chance of being cured if they are treated early but finding treatment can be hard, writes Sergio Medrano, Director, Be the Match. Learn more about new approaches to chronic degenerative diseases such as this.

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