Mexico an Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
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Mexico an Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Javier Mestre - Emcure Pharmaceuticals
General Manager


Q: What strategies are you implementing to continue positioning the company in the Mexican market?

A: Our objective is to register quality medicines in the Mexican market that are accepted by the population and that improve the patient’s quality of life. We are convinced that the Mexican market has many opportunities due to its large size and the fact that the state invests in the health of people. The investment made by both patients and the state reflects the enormous interest that exists in the health sector in this country.

Q: How is Emcure Pharmaceuticals adapting to the post-pandemic era?

A: Now that most of the population is vaccinated against COVID-19, we are working to identify those therapies that must regain the spotlight, such as chronic diseases. During the pandemic many patients ignored some of these health issues. As an industry, we must look at how we can continue to support patients so that they regain access to these therapies now that the pandemic is under control.

Q: How has the USMCA treaty benefited the local industry?

A: The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated around the world. Specifically, regulatory agencies in the US and Canada are very strict and their tariff requirements and barriers to commercialization of health supplies are very high. The Mexican authorities have done a good job of bringing products made in Mexico to the US; however, there are still many restrictions. The opportunities associated with the treaties are there but there is still work to do to make the Mexican market more competitive.

COFEPRIS is a world-renowned agency. The Mexican norms related to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are at the level of the norms of any leading regulatory agency. COFEPRIS, for example, requires GMP for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), which does not happen in all countries but should be recognized and approved in other markets. We must continue to push for homologation so that the US FDA and Health Canada can be more accepting of what is being done in Mexico.

Q: How is Emcure Pharmaceuticals progressing toward industry 5.0, where the environment and the individual are the focus?

A: Companies that use technology without a commitment to the environment no longer have much of a future because this is already a consumer demand. We want to continue contributing to the improvement of the environment while using technology to support the health of patients. Our goal is to offer products that are better for treating people, that have a better cost and whose manufacturing processes do not affect the environment.

Q: How prepared is Mexican talent in the pharmaceutical industry?

A: Emcure Pharmaceuticals is convinced that the country offers many opportunities in the drug manufacturing market. Mexico has ample, trained talent, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, which is a key focus for many educational institutions. It is satisfying to know that there is a pathway to establish in Mexico because there is no need to import talent. This is a decisive factor for foreign companies to establish themselves in the country. Pharmaceutical clusters are being created because they trust that they have the necessary human resources to exploit opportunities in the market.

Q: What is your main priority for 2023?

A: We will continue to bring high-quality treatments that add value to the market. Mexico continues to be relevant and requires companies that are committed to bringing innovative and accessible solutions to patients. The state, with its failures and successes, has been working on access and we must support it so that patients can continue to benefit.


Emcure Pharmaceuticals is an international Indian pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of pharmaceutical products.

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