Ildefonso Vázquez
IVG Group

Minimizing Risk Through Proper Device Acquisition

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 17:28

Companies in the life sciences industry, such as pharmaceuticals, clinical laboratories and others, are faced with the task of choosing the most appropriate medical devices to ensure high-quality patient care, efficiency in research and development processes and overall scientific and technological competitiveness. “Choosing the wrong device can generate economic losses, but the most serious thing is that it can impact the final consumer: the patient,” says Ildefonso Vázquez, President of Grupo IVG.
When customized solutions are developed, it is possible to satisfy the needs of different types of companies and more importantly, minimize and eliminate the risk associated with the management of medical devices. “Customers not only choose equipment because of the brand but because of the applications and solutions they can cover with that solution,” says Vazquez.
IVG Group offers its clients complementary services to get to know laboratory and analysis equipment before buying it. “Although the equipment is not tailor-made, our comprehensive services allow the equipment to be adapted to meet the client’s needs,” says Vázquez. Customizing a product to the needs of a certain group can take mass production to another level and even lower the per-unit cost for the customer, according to a Report on Mass Customization by Cleverism. To meet these expectations, IVG Group focuses on two primary strategies: purchasing advice and support from the different companies in the group. “IVG Group has experts in the different areas in which we participate to provide support to clients in a specialized and effective manner,” says Vázquez. “The experience and services of the companies within the group contribute to the solutions we provide to each of our customers.”
For example, if a pharmaceutical company is looking for laboratory equipment, one or more of the companies in IVG Group can participate in creating an added-value solution. “In these cases, IVG Comercializadora is in charge of finding the right device, while DEBBIOM participates with its knowledge in biochemistry and bioavailability in the national market,” says Vázquez. IVG Group also advises the customer when purchasing any product. “Besides letting customers test the devices before buying them, IVG Group is responsible for training the company’s staff in the proper use of the equipment and reagents and provides continuous aftersales support,” he says. “In the end, our group not only sells equipment and offers services, but it assists companies in the selection and acquisition of appropriate devices for specific procedures.  It also aids these companies throughout the frequently troublesome process of getting used to actually operating the equipment.”