New Central Laboratory Makes Grupo Diagnóstico Aries® Stronger

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 11:30

Grupo Diagnóstico Aries®’ (GDA) Central Laboratory will become the first diagnostic laboratory in Mexico fully automatized and robotized thanks to the Alinity technology developed by Abbott. The Central Laboratory will offer digital clinical processes for all its brand demands, as well as harmonized solutions to optimize laboratory activities and diagnostics. GDA’s brands Swisslab®, Laboratorios Clínicos Azteca®, Olab Diagnósticos Médicos® and Laboratorios Clínicos Jenner® will benefit from this important investment on technology and infrastructure. Its main goal is to deliver greater speed and test productivity in a smaller footprint to help lab systems meet significant demand and provide customized solutions designed for flexibility and efficiency

The technology will have a harmonized process to feature the most compact instruments available with higher throughput and integrating the only system with an easy-to-use common interface across the lab. It will also provide one singular point of access for lab tech to load reagents, run tests, among others and limiting the wasted human effort around the laboratory. GDA will increase its efficiency, speed and scalability while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. It will also drive down human error in the process. All these attributes will generate and create better opportunities to become even more competitive in the industry, reducing costs and delivering better prices to clients.

The new processing center will become the benchmark for Mexico. With this project ending on December 2018, GDA will become one of the best-equipped groups among clinical and non-invasive test laboratories in Mexico.