Rodrigo Padilla
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A New Healthcare Reality Through VR

Thu, 05/09/2019 - 17:27

Q: How does your product help relieve health issues such as stress and anxiety?
A: Our technology is based on four pillars: diagnostics, awareness, monitoring and reduction of chronic stress. It uses a series of tools that can help to alleviate stress, foster mindfulness and harness the power of self-awareness. We provide an immersive experience with music therapy, guided meditation, mindfulness and nature-like environments, we have found that in 10 minutes of Happinss therapy we can lower stress levels on average by 42 percent.
Q: How can VR, specifically Happinss, aid in treating other mental health issues?
A: Our goal is not to replace conventional therapy or medication; VR is not intended as a full cure but as an aid to improve results. By reducing stress and through mindfulness training, we want to harness the power of self-awareness. The mind is like a muscle and with Happinss we can train it to properly direct its attention, taking the person away from the thought stream that keeps on feeding negative thoughts. That being said, Happinss’ goal is not to make people have continuous positive thoughts but to teach them to direct their attention to the present.