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Omnichannel Strategies for the New Digital Era

By Miriam Bello | Wed, 10/14/2020 - 13:41

Q: How does VA Consulting create innovative solutions for clients in healthcare that translate into successful promotional campaigns?

A: Our main focus is to help companies achieve financial and strategic results. From an internal stand point, we help them develop leadership skills with collaborators and reinforce main cultural values through trainings and internal communication campaigns. From a commercial stand point, we work with companies to understand the journey of their customers so they can deliver an enjoyable experience and effective solutions by taking a customer centric approach instead of only an internal approach.

I have 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector and I have noticed it is very common to solely focus on products and services commercialization, disregarding how the customer journey has evolved. Specially during COVID-19. Customers do care about thigh quality products and services but they also care about the experience they receive. Now is the perfect time to think outside the box, foster innovation within the company by investing on their collaborators leadership skills to better understand customer unmet needs and the new touch points they are having with the client brands.

We have been working with large corporations, small companies and entrepreneurs in this regard through our four main business lines. The first focuses on creating an omnichannel strategy for B2B companies through virtual activities, this does not mean they have developed an omnichannel strategy to target clients. VA Consulting can help them choose the best way to approach customers either with direct, indirect, e-commerce or hybrid models, and develop the proper sales processes, customer journey and digital communication tools.

Secondly, we support companies with a customer-centric innovation strategy moving from insights to ideas and then finally to solutions that are viable, feasible and desirable to customers. We help them explore innovation from all angles of the business model, always having the customer at the center of it.

The third approach is leadership within the company and the development of competencies and skills. Investing on their collaborators is one of the best decisions c accompany can make. This involves innovating in the company’s internal communication to boost its performance and integration, especially during the isolation imposed by COVID-19.

The last focus is for coach entrepreneurs, there are a lot of small and medium size companies focus on the healthcare industry. We have a step by step program to help them create the business model, commercial plan, sales funnel and digital presence to have a strong start and achieve their goals.

Q: How is the company reaching more clients and growing its presence in the market?

A: Now more than ever, we all need to act together towards Mexicans’ wellbeing and health. When the challenge is big and the effort is overwhelming, that is the moment to bring diverse players across the industry value chain to show a collaborative leadership, work towards the same goal, build economies of scale and avoid.

Q: How do you view alliances within the healthcare sector?

A: In working with different companies, we have certainly recognized the need to build alliances to approach customers. As a result of the pandemic, one of the most common needs of companies was the creation of a communication channel to encourage people to take the COVID-19 test and raise awareness about the seriousness of the virus. All needs involve several actors that can collaborate and build an effective strategy for effective promotion. The true challenge of these initiatives is to be truly effective but we think that through simple executable ideas, alliances are the perfect way for them to succeed.

Q: How will leadership at healthcare companies gain in importance after COVID-19?

A: True leadership means closing the gap between ideas and execution and having a competent team committed to the project and to making things happen. Companies need to develop long-term strategies to be sustainable and remain competitive; a good strategy is not enough. A committed and competent team with technical and human skills is key to overcoming the challenges that the company might face. Hence, providing professional and emotional tools to collaborators leads to a capable business.


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