Anne Engerant
Senior Vice President and General Manager LATAM Health
View from the Top

Paving the Way for a Healthy Sex Life

Mon, 04/08/2019 - 18:06

Q: How is Mead Johnson Nutrition performing after being acquired by RB?
A: After the acquisition of Mead Johnson Nutrition in May 2017, we created two separate divisions. One is home hygiene and the other is health, which includes Mead Johnson’s portfolio of nutrition, our OTC brands and our sexual well-being products. I have been responsible for the health division in Latin America since January 2018. It is always a journey to integrate and create a new business structure due to the implications in terms of culture, data systems and ways of working. 2018 was a positive year and even though some brands were suffering from a lack of focus after this integration, we grew close to a double-digit rate.
In the area of baby nutrition, rather than breast milk, we consider that our true competition are bad nutrition practices. There is a billboard campaign that focuses on the dangers of giving alcohol to infants but there are other substances like coffee, soda or even cow’s milk that are not recommended for young babies. We are very proud to have launched sugarless variants of products like ChocoMilk or Cal-C-Tose, which offer a healthier choice and we hope will contribute to reducing diabetes and obesity among children.
Regarding our OTC portfolio, our strategy is to introduce better molecules to Mexico to develop our brands and increase our market share. We launched Graneodin F, introducing a new molecule Flurbiprofen that will work along with benzocaine, which was the traditional molecule we used in Mexico. We also launched ibuprofen products to complement our paracetamol product lineup Tempra and the equivalent of our Gaviscon technology Picot, marketed under the name of Picot Adv.
Q: What strategies are you implementing to eliminate the stigma around the use of condoms?
A: Mexico is one of the worst countries in the world in terms of teenage pregnancies and unfortunately condom use is not yet at the level we can find in other countries. The previous administration spent a large amount of resources to promote the use of condoms but the usage rate has remained stable since 2015. Changing habits is not easy. There is only so much we can do as a brand, which means we have to work in partnership with the government, customers and other industry players.