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Personalized Advice for Tailored Software Solutions

Photo by:   Dedalus
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Praxedis Sanchez - Dedalus Latinoamérica
HIS Business Manager


Q: What makes your health and diagnostics solution unique for care providers and patients?

A: Dedalus was born in Italy as a provider of tech and software for the industry, primarily for hospitals. Our expansion started throughout the EU but we are now present in over 40 countries around the world. We are in 6,300 hospitals and 5,300 laboratories and we work with 6,500 professionals, making us the leading digital health solutions company in the EU and one of the largest in the world.

Dedalus main differentiator is our vast and pioneering expertise in the industry, which coupled with our quality solutions and close contact with clients put us top of mind as health companies begin their digital transition. While our solutions primarily targeted hospitals at first, Dedalus was created with a vision to interconnect different areas of the health ecosystem by interacting with different industry players to facilitate communication through tech.

Dedalus’ value proposition is its consultancy capacity. We offer over 200 solutions for different clients in the health supply chain. We approach each client and work with them to offer and adapt the right solution to their practice. Instead of imposing tech, we want to adapt tech to their existing capabilities. We have found that this is the most effective and respectful way to begin a digital transformation, otherwise clients end up not using the tools out of ignorance of the solution or because it does not meet their needs.

Q: The company’s success in the EU has been significant. How are you replicating that success in Latin America, particularly in Mexico?

A: We have an ambitious expansion plan. After our successful growth in the EU, we began strengthening our solutions portfolio by acquiring other companies, allowing us to enter markets such as Mexico.

We have a robust portfolio of solutions, ranging from those that increase efficiency within a company, be it a hospital, clinic or laboratory, to interconnecting an entire health system. In Latin America, we have begun an approach to the latter in Panama as its government wants an interconnected health sector that can react and collaborate to the benefit of the population. Around the world, Dedalus has over 40 regional projects of this type, so we are very enthusiastic to bring them to Latin America.

Q: What healthtech trends are emerging and how is Dedalus responding to them?

A: Telemedicine is a trend that is growing globally, so we have developed services that adapt to the patient’s home. Mexico needs functional telemedicine platforms because it has a shortage of specialists and nurses to be able to attend remote areas patients. Telemedicine is the right tool to reduce that gap, this is the main reason why telemedicine is such an important technology at the region.

Additionally, we are using the data we collect from the countries we work in to identify health trends. In the past, obtaining the budget to do this was challenging but as the benefits of data analytics have become more obvious, we have been able to exploit that. To secure safe data-sharing and use, we have obtained the HL7 certification.

One of our largest projects is a data exchange between two large countries in Asia, which want to continuously exchange information to prevent public health crises, detect weak points and collaborate in case of need.

Q: What is and will be the role of Dedalus in the Mexican healthtech industry?

A: We want to be the technological partner of health companies during the digital transformation. Dedalus is specialized in the health sector and we are here to advise, guide and provide our clients with tailored solutions.  


Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostics software provider in the EU and among the largest in the world. Its innovative framework enables a revolutionary digital transformation of country-wide healthcare systems.

Photo by:   Dedalus

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