Platform Offers Accessible, Safe, Digital Healthcare
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Platform Offers Accessible, Safe, Digital Healthcare

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Javier Cardona - 1DOC3
Co-Founder and CEO


Q: What are the benefits and challenges of using telemedicine in Mexico and where are the areas of opportunity?

A: There are almost endless benefits to using a telemedicine platform. For most, it reduces the amount of time spent talking to a doctor and provides instant access to care. The areas of opportunity, however, are significant because this technology still requires a great deal of work and it is necessary to get more providers to embrace it. Throughout the pandemic, the technology gained popularity for three reasons. First, because of their experience through the pandemic, people discovered that telemedicine is a good option and they began to trust these services. Second, companies are starting to welcome telemedicine, so they are increasingly open to investing in offering this solution to customers and employees. Finally, regulation is clearer as a result of the pandemic. Previously, these services were in a grey area.


Q: How can digital medicine be further integrated into Mexican healthcare and how can taboos surrounding this practice be eliminated? 

A: Using this technology is no longer taboo. We have a perfect user distribution by age due to new remote habits. We are now working to make this technology easier to use. Our greatest partner is connectivity because it allows us to continuously improve


Q: Why is 1DOC3 a better option for doctors and patients?

A: For patients, the platform is more convenient for many reasons. For example, it reduces waiting periods. In Mexico, accessing a specialist can take a long time and that is just for the first consultation; by the time most patients receive a diagnosis, it can be too late. This technology allows patients to receive the right service at the right time.

These solutions also provide doctors with more information before the consultation, which can greatly facilitate diagnosis. Sometimes patients forget to mention symptoms that could be key to the diagnosis. The system also provides doctors greater flexibility in terms of logistics and timing.


Q: What strategies have you implemented to ensure data security in your service and how do you make customers feel safe sharing this information with you?

A: That is a top priority for us. We are a couple of weeks away from receiving our ISO 27001 certification, which will confirm that all our processes are designed correctly. We run on the safest available cloud platform and even though it means more work, the privacy and security of data are worth it. We also try to give users a very simple interface to facilitate the process. 


Q: What is the importance of patient-doctor communication and how can this interaction be improved by using a healthtech platform?

A: Many key issues can get lost during regular patient-doctor communications so we try to make everything digital, which means patients do not need to repeat information to numerous doctors. It also saves time on the doctor’s side. The technology saves resources, improves user experience and simplifies the process for both parties. 


Q: Which sector (individuals, companies or insurers) most benefits from this service? 

A: All parties benefit. Insurers can help their users get everything they need, save money and receive a better experience. Companies that were unable to afford private insurance will find telemedicine a less expensive solution for their employees. Telemedicine services can be provided to everyone and they are affordable. 


Q: Why is making sexual health more accessible a goal for 1DOC3?

A: From the beginning, a third of our consultations have been sex-related because our society has many taboos and sex is one of them. Long ago, we discovered that we were helping and adding value to those who need this sort of advice by connecting them to professionals they can trust. We opened a great channel to answer questions and help those who cannot have this type of conversation with someone at home. Our service provides judgment-free advice and helps clients feel safe. 


Q: What opportunities would you like to explore in Latin America?

A: Our opportunities in Latin America are endless. There are many companies that could benefit from our service, which will have a strong impact on the region because we would be relieving pressure on the healthcare system. We do not see it from a business perspective. We see it in terms of making healthcare better and more accessible for everyone. 

We are going to continue growing and expanding to other markets. Mexico has, and will continue to be, one of our top priorities but we want to expand into Central America. We will also launch more services in the countries where we are already present.


1DOC3 is a healthtech platform that provides immediate telemedicine access anytime, anywhere. Through its services, the company protects the health and well-being of individuals and families.

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