Potential Tripledemic, Prostate Cancer Raise Concerns
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Potential Tripledemic, Prostate Cancer Raise Concerns

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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/01/2022 - 10:00

Experts warn about an upcoming tripledemic as cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) increase, COVID-19 infections continue and the flu season approaches. Meanwhile, prostate cancer is in the spotlight as over 7,000 men die from it annually in Mexico. 

In other news, GE Healthcare is ready to transform the health sector after separating from GE and the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Innovation (INEFAM) talked to MBN about the UNOPS project in Mexico.


This is The Week in Health: 


Prostate Cancer Causes Over 7,000 Annual Deaths in Mexico

Each year over 7,000 men die from prostate cancer in Mexico and the country observes the National Day Against Prostate Cancer on Nov. 30 to raise awareness and promote diagnosis of the disease in its early stages. To detect any type of tumor on time, it is important for men to undergo an annual examination and a screening test to determine prostate coagulation in blood from the age of 50. In Mexico, there is a need to update and design effective diagnosis and treatment campaigns, especially in locations where the burden of the disease is higher. Read the whole story here. 


Children’s Health Threatened by “Tripledemic”

Health experts warn about a possible “tripledemic” as the flu season approaches, RSV cases increase and COVID-19 infections continue. Some experts warn that this scenario might overwhelm hospital emergency departments. “COVID-19 is still the most prevalent virus in the community, but it is on a downward trajectory, while RSV and flu are increasing,” said Scott Roberts, Infectious Diseases Specialist, Yale Medicine. Learn more about the tripledemic here


GE Healthcare to Transform the Sector After Separating from GE

In January 2023, GE Healthcare will become officially independent from GE and work to become a leader in the health sector. GE Healthcare aims to accelerate the patient’s journey and promote a healthier life, focusing on innovation to drive better results, accelerate product leadership and optimize its operating model. Moreover, GE Healthcare will list on Nasdaq. “GE Healthcare will mark a before and after in the health sector. We intend to create an environment where healthcare has no limits,” said Rafael Palombini, President and General Manager, GE Healthcare Latin America. Learn more about GE Healthcare in Mexico here


UNOPS Played a Part in Mexico’s Medicine Shortage: INEFAM

The UN called Mexico’s project to acquire medicines from UNOPS one of the best acquisitions projects in the world in 2022. However, experts argue that UNOPS’s performance in Mexico was unsatisfactory. “We can conclude that UNOPS was a co-participant in the creation of one of the greatest years of shortages in the health system,” said Enrique Martínez, CEO, INEFAM. “UNOPS also violated national sovereignty by forcing Mexico to modify the first article of the Procurement Law. This shielded UNOPS completely and it does not have to answer to any authority because its members in Mexico have the rank of diplomats. This is an international money laundering issue,” added José Carlos Ferreyra, President, INEFAM. Read INEFAM’s interview here


5 Surprising Findings About the Digital Physician in Mexico

Central Media and FUNSALUD shared a report of the current uses, habits and attitudes regarding the digital ecosystem of healthcare professionals in Mexico. The study showed that WhatsApp is considered the main platform for digital transformation in medical practice and that the research that the patient is doing online is transforming the doctor-patient relationship. Additionally, it says that specialist doctors are starting to have virtual consults with patients whom they have never met face to face. Learn more about this study here. 

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