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Area Sales Manager of the Industrial Division
Borer Chemie
Massimo Desole / Director of the Industrial Division at Borer Chemie
Massimo Desole
Director of the Industrial Division
Borer Chemie
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Precise Cleaning Engineering for Production Lines

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 06/07/2021 - 15:01

Q: What is Borer Chemie’s major contribution to its different clients?

HE: Borer has four large divisions. The first is Borer Medical, which tackles cleaning and disinfection, mainly for hospital facilities and surgical instruments. The second division, which is the one we lead, is Borer Industry and is focused on production of medical technology, including production of chambers, medical devices and medical instruments, parts and other support tools. Third is Borer Life Sciences, which offers cleaning services for laboratories and pharmaceutical production. Fourth is Borer Hygiene, which experienced 1,000 percent growth against 2019 given its focus on professional hand and surface disinfectants. This was one of our most popular services during the pandemic.

Our vertical, Borer Industry, is mainly focused on high-precision cleaning, before and after reaching the final product stage. Our in-demand services are cleaning agents for precision parts cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning and residue-free cleaning processes for many industrial manufacturing process. We work with aqueous cleaning techniques. Almost 80 percent of our cleaning applications use ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We have a very high degree of cleaning precision, which is needed to deliver final products in the tool industry (prior to PVD-coating), medical technology and ophthalmic industry sectors.

MD: One of our key customer segments is cleaning and passivation of medical instruments and implants. We also work with injection molds, which are used for medical injection parts. For the latter, we see a very big market in Mexico. We train our worldwide distributors and customers regularly, according to our R&D cleaning studies. We have approximately 15 different detergents in the MT Line of our product portfolio, where MT stands for medical technology . Borer also provides support documents to help for the process of qualification and validation.

Q: How does Borer approach new clients in such a niche market?

HE: We work through partners. However, we also make yearly visits to our partners and customers abroad. The main goal of these visits is to advise them on how to optimize our technology. COVID-19 has made this process more difficult, although in some markets, we can still safely reach more customers. Before we enter a market, it takes a number of years to find the customers we want to work with, so normally this is a slow process. 

Our treatments are so specialized that we work with niche clients. Therefore, normally we reach them through word of mouth or through personal research of companies we think will require these services. We work alongside these companies to create a process that fits their cleaning line, instead of disrupting their processes. Our goal is to optimize their processes by adapting our solutions.

MD: We work on business research and develop close customer contacts to understand specific applications. For Borer Chemie, our work goes beyond adapting our products; it involves a lot of engineering to fully meet the needs of the companies we work with. We are not selling a product; we are selling a process.

Q: How is Borer innovating in the market?

HE: Our main innovations come from our work with different clients. We usually start our R&D processes by looking at our clients’ contaminated parts to understand how we can optimize their cleaning and disinfection.

One of our most recent innovations is a measuring system to help clients from different continents that have similar applications. We learned their processes and created this tool to respond to their needs. With more than 50 years of experience in the cleaning sector, we have the knowledge and understanding of emerging needs to provide the appropriate solutions for our clients. In terms of our current focus, our medical technology  line was introduced around a year and a half ago, so we are promoting that to potential customers.

MD: Borer also has a new R&D center, which was built last year. This is where we performing different cleaning tests on the materials we deliver to the customer and we invite the customers to accompany the tests. This new center has propelled our innovation regarding a new passivation process. Borer is highly committed to the industry and to its customers. We have invested around €12 million (US$14.4 million) in this process.


Borer Chemie AG is a leading provider of cleaning and disinfection technology. The company develops, produces and sells globally recognized products for the hospital, hygiene, industrial and life sciences sectors. T5DC is the authorized distributor of Borer products in Mexico. 

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