The Priority for any Health System Must Be the Patient
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The Priority for any Health System Must Be the Patient

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Oscar Ramos Lot - TecSalud
Director of Operatios and Patient Experience


Q: How did TecSalud’s operations and priorities change following the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Our priority has never changed. Before, during and after the pandemic, the patient is and will continue to be at the center of our focus. The goal of our business model and our mission is to offer the best quality and safety standards according to our patients needs and preferences. While the pandemic made us reevaluate certain priorities, the patient is still key. All the strategic decisions we make are guided by the needs of the patient.

Q: What are the capabilities of TecSalud’s new Center of Primary Attention and what are the expectations for this new facility?

A: This primary care center is the first of three that we plan to open this year. It has a well-designed space of about 525m2 and has offices for pediatric, family and general medicine. We also offer nursing services, including medicine administration, vaccinations, vital signs checks and laboratory, radiology and ultrasound studies. Through this facility, we will bring the highest quality services to the community. All the professionals working at this center have the necessary credentials and skills as well as the backing of Tecnológico de Monterrey and TecSalud. If any hospital support is required, patients will be channeled to our  other TecSalud hospitals.

On the other hand, as an expanssion initiative we deployed "TecSalud Network" which bings together different health organizations. In its initial phase, we allied with private institutions that share our philosophy of patient-centeredness. Through this effort, we seek to transform medical practice throughout the country. We are already affiliated with the Hospital Galenia in Cancun, Quintana Roo, and the Hospital CIMA in Hermosillo, Sonora. 

Q: What strategies has TecSalud implemented to deliver efficient health services through digital channels?

A: We are undergoing a digital transformation to improve user experience, make our operations more efficient and update our technology. We have been working with an electronic medical file that will make real-time information portable, since lack of portability of our national health system jeopardizes quality and safety outcomes. Our electronic medical file will allow us to reliably track all the medical information of each patient in real time.

We also want to get closer to the community through a user-centric approach, constantly renewing our portal so the patient can easily and intuitively access information. Our portal aims to be an education and sales channel, as well.  

Q: What alliances are necessary to create a novel health ecosystem in Mexico?

A: One of the key components of our mission is the transformation of medical practice, which is why our initiatives are not limited to Monterrey and its metropolitan area. We have different agreements with public organizations since no health system can provide a solution to all the needs of any community due different challenges and constrains regarding cost, quality, access and satisfaction so we believe working together, public and private sector, will be a much more efficient answer to our community.

There are many success stories in Latin America of public-private partnerships. These partnerships make it possible to reduce the delay in care caused by the concentration of patients in the public sector while the private sector remains idle. This trend-an overflowed public systema and a significant idle capacity in private sector- increases costs that end up being transferred to the population. Through public-private alliances, it is possible to optimize the private sector’s underused services and address an authentic public health problem. The large volumes in the public sector also allow health professionals to gain experience and boost R&D, which can lead to better treatments.

Q: In which clinical trials is TecSalud participating?

A: Mexico has always been attractive as a research hub due to its cultural diversity, genetic component, the characteristics of its population and its public health problems. In addition, the country has talented professionals performing various research projects. TecSalud is managing 26 active protocols for the pharmaceutical industry, of which four are already in the closing phase, nine already have the population recruited and there are three in the follow-up period. We also have 32 protocols pending COFEPRIS’ approval.

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed us to develop 12 different referral care protocols, 10 at the San José Hospital and two at the Zambrano Hospital. For example, one of these protocols involves the application of serum for the development of polyclonal antibodies, while another involves the use of medicinal synthetic CBD to prevent heart failure. The latter is being developed alongside CardiolRX

Q: What are TecSalud’s priorities for 2023?

A: Our priority will continue to be the patient. For this reason, we have defined six major priorities to consolidate this model. First, we will continue to push and implement the strictest standards of quality and safety in care according to national and international accreditations and certifications. Second, we will continue improving the experience of patients in the health system. To do so, we are bringing services closer to communities through digitalization and incorporating better hotel services to enhance experiences. We consider patient experience as an indicator because there is a clear correlation between a good experience and favorable results as shorter hospital stays, lower mortality rate and fewer complications, among other parameters.

Our third priority is to strengthen our cardiology, neurology, oncology and transplant areas. The fourth is increasing the operational efficiency of hospitals by offering the best conditions and highest quality and safety standards. The fifth is attracting the right medical talent. The sixth strategic priority is attracting more patients.

As long as each one of us as a healthcare professionals and key players keep the patient at the center of our decisions, we will be adding value to our society.


TecSalud incorporates innovative clinical, academic and research services through its Medical Academic Centers. It integrates the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Fundación TecSalud, San José and Zambrano Hellion Hospitals, health institutes and other institutions.

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